Lowrance Intros Radar Designed For Small Fishing Boats

Lawrence radar

Lowrance Radar for small fishing boats.

If you’ve been searching for a Lowrance radar to fit your small fishing boat, the company might have just what you’re looking for.  The company recently released two new compact, pulse compression radome units that it claims are “perfectly designed for smaller fishing boats.”

These new radar units, named the HALO20 and the HALO20+, are said to provide excellent detection with unrivaled short-range performance, according to the company. One of the most exciting features these radars claim to have is the almost real time view of objects at close range. This is due to the rpm of the radar, which Lowrance has clocked at 60 rpm.

The HALO20 radar system can also reportedly track up to 10 targets with MARPA target tracking, which aims to help the radar work under even the toughest conditions. It even works with Velocity Track Doppler to tell if a target is coming closer to you or going away. These capabilities certainly make these new radars a tempting offer. Lowrance also claims that the HALO20 series of radars is perfect for the budget conscious fisherman, due to the radar’s small footprint and low profile. The radars are set to release this December at $1,699 for the HALO20 and $2,199 for the HALO20+.

For more information, visit Lowrance’s website at www.lowrance.com


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