Marin Entrepreneur Builds Historic Guideboat Replicas

Author: Julian Guthrie [San Francisco Chronicle]

It’s a small slice of 19th century U.S. history and ingenuity, tucked away fittingly in a historic lumber yard in Mill Valley but remade for the modern day.

Inside a new specialty retailer sits a replica of an 1892 Adirondacks guideboat, one of the fastest fixed-seat rowboats ever made, and used for transport and hunting before recreation and sport.

In a smaller adjacent building, where a part of the wood floor has been cut out to reveal the creek running below, sit several vintage canoes: a 1930 Peterborough beauty billed as one of the first canoes made to go on top of a car; a 16-foot 1932 canoe made in Maine for Abercrombie; and a 1934 Sponson made by Old Town and touted at the time as the first unflippable canoe. In all, 16 vintage boats are for sale.

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