PlasDECK Offers More Custom Boat Decking Options


Akron, Ohio — PlasDECK Inc., the industry leader of synthetic teak boat decking, offers more customizable options for boat owners with high quality custom inlays, professional designers to help explore different layout options and a broad color spectrum to choose from.

Custom inlays allow customers to add a personal touch to their PlasDECK boat deck and are available in any size and any color. Add a boat name, image, logo or lettering. PlasDECK has designers on hand to help create the perfect look. All customers who order custom PlasDECK panels are also able to see a design drawing of their deck before it’s in production. This is a great opportunity to try out different designs and border layouts before the deck is built.

With 22 different color combinations, PlasDECK now provides the most color choices on the market. The company continues to provide its popular teak-colored decking product, but PlasDECK realizes that the traditional wood look isn’t for everyone. With such a diverse selection, there’s something to appeal to almost all tastes and preferences. And if you still don’t see the perfect color for you, PlasDECK can create custom colors with a minimum order quantity.

All PlasDECK colors and inlays are made of PlasDECK’s high-quality patented flexible PVC, which contains the best possible ingredients, all made and produced in the U.S. Low-maintenance PlasDECK will not fade, rot, crack, or crumble, and it’s guaranteed to look great for a long time.


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