'Wooden Boat People are Crazy, a lot of Them are Dreamers'

Author: Leigh Giangreco [DelmarvaNow]

Wind whistled down the Mispillion River and buffeted the faded cadet gray doors of the Vinyard Shipyard.

On the first day of November, Joan Lofland held the dock’s wooden door against the wind and trekked in her boots through the wet gravel. She snaked her way past yards of ropes and walked under the hulls of two yachts: The Kismet and its more imposing cousin, the 44-foot Augusta.

Lofland and her husband, Sudler, found their third yacht on a similar, blustery day more than 10 years ago. The boat, Vignette, was docked in Portsmouth, Virginia, when Hurricane Isabel came whipping through the Chesapeake Bay, wiping out marinas in her path. If the Loflands didn’t buy Vignette, she was going to the dump.

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