Board or Beast?

Wakesports manufacturers are scary good at assigning fearsome and obscure names to some of their boards — almost as good as world cultures are at naming the monsters that populate their mythology. In honor of Halloween, we have a frighteningly fantastic quiz for you. We’re willing to bet you can’t distinguish the four board names from the world’s mythological monster monikers. Give it a try. Or are you scared?

1. Kongamato
2. Woodro
3. Rakshasa
4. Ningen
5. Marek
6. Ripslash
7. Valhalla
8. Pontianak

Answer Key: 1. Beast (Western Africa, “the breaker of boats”); 2. Board (; 3. Beast (Hindu, shape-shifting demon maneater); 4. Beast (Japanese, humanoid fish); 5. Board (; 6. Board (; 7. Board (Obrien. com); 8. Beast (Indonesian, female ghost)


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