Cuz Mom Said So…

The recreational boating & Fishing Foundation and its Take Me Fishing campaign conducted a nationwide search for the best places for a family to go boating and fishing. State fish and wildlife agencies nominated bodies of water and moms curated the top 50. Then 32,000 people voted for the top 10. Visit to see the full top 50. Here are the Top 10 Mom-Approved Places to Fish and Boat.

1. Eklutna Tailrace, Alaska
2. Lake Cumberland, Kentucky
3. Lake Ogallala, Nebraska
4. Lake Piney Z, Florida
5. Little Beaver Lake, West Virginia
6. Lake Havasu, Arizona
7. Backbone State Park, Iowa
8. Yosemite National Park, California
9. Pôka’ï Bay, Hawaii
10. Grand Isle State Park, Louisiana


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