Festivals Afloat

Specialty cruises are getting more and more popular as a way to bring fans of a show or a genre or a character together. We rounded up some of the current floating funfests — and made up one. Can you spot the fake?

-The Rock Boat — It’s essentially a rock music festival on the high seas.
-Summerfest Cruise — DJ Khaled and his Miami rapper friends head to the Bahamas.
-Running cruises — Various cruises for running fanatics tour Alaska or Hawaii. No gaining weight on this vacation!
-As-Seen-on-TV Cruise — Attendees enjoy seminars about their favorite Ron Popeil products, some presented by the man himself. All cruise meals are prepared using Ronco’s Showtime Rotisserie and Chop-O-Matic.
-David Hasselhoff – the Official World Fan Cruise — Fans enjoy autograph sessions, a concert and a “David in Person” evening extravaganza.
-Star Trek – The Cruise — George Takei hosts a cruise filled with special guests and out-of-this-world activities.




We hope you didn’t fall for our infomercial and believe the As-Seenon-
TV Cruise is real. The other five are actual cruises.



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