The best of several hull designs are combined on the new Super Air Nautique GS22, to create a multitasking watersport machine.

The trend in watersports boats is to create a specialty boat, and these days that specialty is usually wakesurfing. But many riders still like to wakeboard and slalom, so Nautique took the best of some of its boat hulls and Franken-styled them together to create the Super Air Nautique GS22 — one boat that can do it all. Up front, the hull uses design elements from the Ski Nautique, so it can throw a flat wake in a bow-down attitude, for slalom skiing. Amidships it channels G-Series Nautiques to create an outstanding wakeboard wake, with no ballast, that’s perfect for beginners, but thanks to 2,300 pounds of integrated sub-floor ballast, it can create the ultimate launch platform for advanced wakeboarders. At the stern, it takes its cues from the G23 to create a large, clean surfing wake.

A key element to making a huge surfing wake on either side is the Nautique Surf System (NSS), which takes recessed plates and extends them out and down on the opposite side the surfer is on, building and cleaning up the wake. Drivers can change the level of steepness by extending some or all of the plate, and when it’s time to change sides, the surfer can press one button on the wrist-worn Surf Select controller. This year the changeover is three times faster, for seamless transitions. And thanks to the Surf Pipe, which directs engine emissions down into the water, the exhaust comes to the surface behind the surfer. For better performance, the NCRS center plate controls the attitude of the boat, to dial in wakes, get the GS22 on plane faster and push the bow down for more responsive turning.

Rated for 15 passengers, this 22-footer has plenty of comfortable seating across its 100-inch beam.

Nautique Boat Co.,


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