Lead Boat: Regal 2800

Regal 2800The new 2800 bowrider from Regal Boats rests at a curious juncture. On the one hand, people accustomed to the luxuries of a larger vessel but looking for something smaller to reduce the upkeep might like what they see. For small-boat owners, the Regal 2800 is an upgrade in style, amenities and performance.

The reverse transom contributes to the exterior’s overall sleekness and adds to its striking angles. Regal was able to create a highly stylish boat without compromising on performance, thanks, in large part, to its FasTrac Hull, which decreases the friction between the hull and the water, enabling easy handling and a smooth and clean ride.

Regal 2800Plentiful seating makes it possible to host a sizeable social group on board. All of the seating on the 2800 is convertible, including the expansive, wraparound cockpit seating area with padded armrests and multiposition backrests for facing forward or lounging aft. The aft chaises can be switched out for a sunpad by utilizing a filler cushion. Owners can also add two tables if needed. The bow’s dual seats were designed to be wide and spacious, with grabrails and speakers and stainless drink holders off to the side. The ability to reconfigure the boat’s seating options makes the most out of the boat’s space. In addition, nearly every zone of the boat features its own cooler. The built-in, self-draining cooler is in the bow, and another built-in cooler is in the transom. The cockpit includes a dedicated space for carry-on coolers.

Regal 2800

Regal was able to create a highly stylish boat without compromising on performance.

The enclosed head features the same quality of amenities as the rest of the boat and includes a vessel sink and cabinetry.

Regal Boats, regalboats.com


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