Scandinavian Style

From Finland comes a dayboat with a unique hull and interesting features.

 The Axopar 24 definitely has a different kind of name, at least to American ears, and that fits, because the Finland-built boat also has a different kind of look and vibe. A dayboat by design, the Axopar 24 has a passenger rating of eight people, and there is a spot for every rear end aboard, with a triple seat on the aft transom, a captain’s chair to starboard and its companion seat opposite, and an L-shaped settee in the bow. A single built-in seat is in the aft starboard corner of the bow section. The 24 comes in three versions: T-top, Open and Hard Top.

Many folks will be surprised to find a toilet aboard a 25-footer, but the Axopar has one. Notice we didn’t write “head,” because that would be inaccurate. There is a toilet, but it is pretty much in the open, under one of the steps to the bow area. It’s definitely an emergency toilet, or an “everyone look away, please” toilet. Another surprise is the presence of two berths, one forward of each console. Each is big enough for one person, and both are “open air” berths, with only the T-top or hardtop covering them, depending on the model. They’re more of a nap spot than an overnight option — though plenty of people will find a way to overnight with them.

The captain has control of the outboard — from 60 to 200 hp — at a helm that’s composed of a multifunction display, an engine display, a throttle and more. The twin-stepped hull has a sharp V-shaped entry and 20 degrees of deadrise, and top speed is 40 knots. Its 8-foot, 4-inch beam makes it easily trailerable. With a 150 hp outboard, the price of a well-optioned Axopar 24 is less than $70,000. — Mike Werling Axopar Boats,


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