Wings of Wonder

A new boat from a Middle Eastern builder will essentially fly.

Photo superyacht Oceanco © Guillaume Plisson

Ok, now that you’ve made it over here and stopped staring at the Foiler — that’s this boat model’s name — we can begin. I don’t blame you for staring. The boat is going to draw stares. I mean, it hovers above the water at speeds above 18 knots. On foils. And nobody needs a license to kill to own and drive one.

Photo superyacht Oceanco © Guillaume Plisson

The 32-foot dayboat — with an open transom, a cockpit bench whose backrest serves passengers facing fore and aft, and twin recliner-type seats forward — features a hull built out of carbon fiber, foils that protrude about six and a half feet to each side when deployed, twin 320 hp BMW diesel engines, two electric generators and two electric torpedoes that drive the props. Think of the torpedoes like outboard lower units that happen to be attached to shafts that protrude six feet below the boat when they’re engaged, so they stay in the water when the foils are deployed.

Photo superyacht Oceanco © Guillaume Plisson

Starting at 12 knots, if the Fly Mode button is engaged, the foils begin their work, taking the boat to full “flight” by 18 knots. A hydraulic ram does the job of extending the foils and lowering the torpedoes, and when all is in place, the boat skims over the water at 40 knots, in seas up to about five feet. With the foils deployed, Foiler’s 11-foot beam goes to 24 feet.

Below 10 knots, the boat can operate on electric power for 10 minutes, using the generators to drive the torpedoes. Under power, the foils make Foiler pretty efficient, giving it a range of 130 nautical miles at 30 knots. That’s on an 80-gallon fuel tank. At 20 knots, range is 260 miles.

Photo superyacht Oceanco © Guillaume Plisson

Built by UAE-based Enata Marine, Foiler is the boat spies want but anyone can have, though its $1.24 million price tag will cull the buying herd. But look at it.

Enata Marine,


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