Watersports Hotspots

Summer is in high gear, so maybe it’s time to take the watersports show on the road. We have 20 potential destinations for families and their boat.

The United States has a variety of waterways that offer a diverse experience for watersports fanatics, from waterskiing and barefooting to wakeboarding and wakesurfing to tubing. From smaller lakes that dot the upper Midwest and Northeast to dammed sections of rivers that have been transformed into large bodies of water in the West to lakes specifically designed for waterskiing, the U.S. has a waterway that will suit every family’s needs.

Some spots provide perfectly calm conditions while other sites provide scenic backdrops and amenities such as waterfront lodging and restaurants. So go experience our waterways and enjoy a healthy sport with family and friends. To give your vacation planning some oomph, we found 20 watersports hotspots that are sure to please (and maybe improve everyone’s geographical awareness).


Pristine Beauty
Wrightsville Reservoir, Vermont

Watersports families searching for peaceful beauty can head to Wrightsville Lake in central Vermont. Near Montpelier, this picturesque lake, almost two miles long, features an undeveloped natural shoreline with vivid green trees and surrounding mountains. Wrightsville features a public slalom course, and the ski club on the lake hosts waterski competitions throughout the summer. Marshfield and Waterbury are two other small lakes near Montpelier with ideal locations and slalom courses.

Wrightsville Reservoir

Peaceful Resort Destination
Sebago Lake, Maine

Sebago Lake, in southern Maine, is a clear-water gem. It is 12 miles long with a 45-square-mdile area that encompasses plenty of open water and coves, such as Sebago Cove, for calmer waters when it’s windy. Sebago Cove is home to a slalom course and Sun Sports, which offers watersports lessons. With a number of of resorts and lodges, Sebago is perfect for families who want to tow a boat for a watersports vacation away from the crowds.

Sebago Lake

Close to NYC
Lake Zoar, Connecticut

Connecticut offers plenty of waterways for watersports, including picturesque Candlewood Lake near Danbury. For calmer water conditions, though, head to Lake Zoar near Newtown in southwest Connecticut. A 10-mile dammed-up section of the Housatonic River, this river-like waterway offers spots for calm waters no matter the wind direction. With hills in the background and trees lining the shoreline, Lake Zoar is a gem, just an hour northwest of New York by car, with trailer in tow.

Manmade Getaway
Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia

Nestled in the foothills of the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains between Roanoke and Lynchburg, Va., Smith Mountain Lake is a manmade reservoir that offers 32 square miles of water and 500 miles of shoreline. Smith Mountain has plenty of open waterways but also plenty of fingers and coves. There are two slalom courses on the lake, and interested parties can learn to wakeboard or wakesurf at Smith Mountain Wake Co. Lakeside lodging and restaurants abound.

Smith Mountain Lake

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