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    What Is The Largest Ship That Can Travel Up The Mississippi?

    The Mississippi River is one of the most important waterways in the United States, and it has been used for centuries to transport goods and people. But what is the largest ship that can travel up the Mississippi?

    The answer depends on a few factors, including the size of the ship, its draft (the depth of water it needs to float), and the river’s current. Generally speaking, ships that are up to 1,200 feet long and have a draft of up to 35 feet can travel up the Mississippi. This includes large cargo ships, tankers, and even some cruise ships.

    One of the largest ships that can travel up the Mississippi is the American Queen Steamboat Company’s American Queen. This vessel is 420 feet long and has a draft of just over 11 feet. It is capable of carrying up to 436 passengers and features luxurious amenities such as an observation deck, grand dining room, library, spa, fitness center, theater, and more.

    Another large vessel that can travel up the Mississippi is The Delta Queen Steamboat Company’s Delta Queen. This boat is 360 feet long with a draft of just over 10 feet. It can accommodate up to 176 passengers in its comfortable cabins and features amenities such as a grand salon with live music performances, an observation deck with views of passing scenery, a gift shop, library lounge area with books about steamboating history, and more.

    Finally, there are smaller vessels such as tugboats that are able to navigate their way through shallow waters along the Mississippi River. These boats are typically around 100-200 feet long with drafts ranging from 4-6 feet deep. They are used for pushing barges or other vessels along the river or for providing assistance in areas where larger boats cannot pass due to shallow waters or other obstacles.

    No matter what type of vessel you choose for your journey along the Mississippi River – whether it be a large cruise ship or a small tugboat – you will be sure to experience some amazing sights along your journey!

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