Megabass ONETEN Max LBO Jerkbait Review

Megabass ONETEN Max LBO Jerkbait Features and Specifications

The Megabass ONETEN Max LBO Jerkbait is a high-performance jerkbait with a patented LBO II Balancer System for a refined hydrodynamic body and frictionless weight transfer, ensuring no sluggishness in action. This efficient weight distribution allows for full lure action throughout your cast. The jerkbait is designed with an inclination to suspend in a slightly downward head posture, allowing for a slow float rise and a lifelike quivering motion on pause, triggering strong strikes even in the coldest and calmest water conditions. Equipped with sharp Katsuage Out-Barb hooks, the ONETEN Max LBO offers an effective jerking performance with its action and power residing on the same linear axis.

Megabass ONETEN Max LBO Jerkbait Essential Features:

  • Silent and frictionless operation
  • Innovative LBO II Balancer System
  • Perfectly balanced with a single fixed weight
  • Superior castability and proven action
  • Head-down suspension with super-slow rise
  • Lifelike quivering motion on pause
  • Sharp Katsuage Out-Barb hooks
  • Perfect for cold water fishing

As the newest addition to a respected lineup of high-performance jerkbaits, the Megabass ONETEN Max LBO Jerkbaits contribute to the category with their larger size and the use of Megabass’ latest technological advancements. The LBO II moving balancer system enhances the conventional weight transfer systems with its smoother weight transfer and the use of a neodymium magnetic anchor point to secure the weight in a specific frontal location, reinforcing superior action. Right from the start of your retrieve, the jerkbait’s weight shifts forward, providing an exceptionally responsive action throughout your cast. The refined hydrodynamic body, coupled with this feature, facilitates maneuverability through the water, while also delivering a hard stopping and alluring rolling action that anglers have grown accustomed to from Megabass jerkbaits. Available in several proven color patterns, the ONETEN Max LBO is the jerkbait of choice for anglers seeking to maximize their profile.

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