Fortress Anchors FX-11 Anchoring System Review

Fortress Anchors FX-11 Anchoring System

The Fortress Anchors FX-11 Anchoring System presents an all-inclusive top-tier anchor system designed for boats up to 32 feet. The complete set provides a versatile and high-performing model featuring a FX-11 Fortress model, 15 feet G30 1/4″ galvanized chain, a 5/16″ galvanized steel shackle, and 250 feet of three-strand nylon rope. However, please note that this system is not suitable for use with a windlass.

Key Components in the FX-11 Anchoring System Kit

  • 7lb. Fortress FX-11 Premium Aluminum Anchor
  • 15′ G30 1/4″ galvanized chain
  • 5/16″ galvanized steel shackle
  • 250′ three-strand nylon rope
  • About Fortress Premium Anchors

    Fortress Anchors are exceptionally manufactured from high-tensile aluminum-magnesium alloy with no welds, ensuring a lightweight yet robust anchor. They are highly versatile with a dual adjustable shank angle feature, effectively designed for sand and soft mud applications. These anchors highlight their corrosion-resistant, nonmagnetic attributes and provide easy installation and dismantling options. The anchors are also proudly manufactured in the USA and approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

    Key Features of Fortress FX-11 Anchor

    • Weiighs 7 pounds: Highly manageable
    • Can be disassembled and reassembled with ease
    • Adjustable shank angle: Exposure to a wider range of sea-bottom conditions
    • Built from corrosion-resistant, nonmagnetic and lightweight alloy
    • Superior performance in sand, mud and clay
    • Offering a lifetime parts replacement warranty
    • Certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
    • Made in U.S.A.

    Evaluations & Achievements of Fortress FX-11 Anchoring System

    The prestigious title of “The Worlds Best Anchor” has been bestowed upon this Fortress product by global boating enthusiasts and marine experts. This acclaim is based on comprehensive research, high-grade materials and construction, and thousands of practical evaluations. Fortress Anchors outshine heavier steel anchors in performance despite being half their weight, clearly demonstrating that world-class functionality isn’t solely determined by weight.

    Notable Exclusive FX-11 Features and Benefits

    • Precision-engineered from an aluminum alloy that matches steel in strength but is notably lighter
    • Offers a lifetime parts replacement warranty (Shipping and handling costs are the customer’s responsibility)
    • Easily disassembled and storable
    • Exceptionally sharp compared to dull-edged steel anchors and breaks through sea-bottom surfaces easily to provide superior hold
    • Adjustable 32° to 45° fluke angle significantly enhances holding power on soft mud bottoms
    • Durable and appealing anodized finish
    • Unrivalled corrosion resistance

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