Fortress Anchors Commando Anchor Kit Review

Fortress Anchors Commando Anchor Kit

Designed for small vessels up to 16 feet in length, the Commando Anchor Kit from Fortress Anchors provides an all-in-one anchoring solution that’s effective for a wide range of boat types. The Guardian G-5 anchor, which has been designed for excellent grip and superior holding power, is both lightweight and rustproof. Its ability to be assembled and disassembled without tools enhances its convenience and portability. The system also includes a 150-foot double-braided nylon rope, a 3/16-inch galvanized steel shackle, and a 6-foot high tensile galvanized steel chain. Furthermore, it comes with a durable, weatherproof nylon Cordura┬« bag for storage, which can also be permanently attached to the boat. All parts of this American-made anchoring kit have been designed for durability and convenience, making it an ideal choice for bass boats, inflatables, ski boats, jon boats, kayaks, and more.

Noteworthy Features

  • Designed for boats up to 16 feet in length
  • Suitable for various types of boats, including bass boats, inflatables, jon boats, etc.
  • Includes a rustproof, lightweight Guardian G-5 anchor with excellent holding power
  • G-5 anchor can be assembled and disassembled without tools
  • Includes a 150-foot double-braided nylon rope
  • Comes with a 6-foot high tensile galvanized steel chain
  • Includes a 3/16-inch galvanized steel shackle
  • Storage bag made of durable, weatherproof nylon Cordura┬«

Commando Small Craft Anchoring System Package

The kit includes everything you need for an effective anchoring system, such as an anchor, rope, chain, shackle, and a storage bag. Originally developed for military raiding craft, the Commando Small Craft Anchoring System, inclusive of the Guardian G-5 anchor, neatly fits within the robust Dupont Cordura Plus storage bag. The entire system weighs only 8.5 lbs., making it extremely portable. It’s the ideal system for Inflatables, Bass Boats, Personal Watercraft, Runabouts, Tenders, Ski Boats, and more.

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