2023 Avalon 2185 LSZ Elite Review

Pontoon boats are popular for many reasons including that they offer you plenty of space, a comfortable ride, and tons of storage. You can easily take a well-equipped pontoon out on the water and enjoy an entire day of fun without a single worry.

If you are looking for a new pontoon to call your own, the 2023 Avalon 2185 LSZ Elite is one that you do not want to look past. It is definitely worth every look and may be just the right choice for you too.

Avalon Pontoon Boats is a manufacturer of some of the best and award-winning pontoon boats available. Their motto is the Art of the Pontoon, and you can see their motto shine through when you step aboard one of them. The company has focused its attention on ensuring that every little detail is perfect and just right so that you can enjoy your boat and worry about or desire something more.

When people hear the name, Avalon, they instantly think of high quality, luxurious, and simply put – amazing.

Avalon Pontoon Boats is unique in that they are what is considered a vertically integrated builder. This means that they make the entire pontoon boat from start to finish. They construct the frame, furniture, and everything else that makes up the boat. By controlling the entire production and build of the boat and its components, Avalon can ensure that their boats are top of the line and done right.

All of the pontoon boats that are manufactured by Avalon are certified by the National Marine Manufacturer Association. This certification means that the pontoon boats have met some of the strictest safety and quality standards.

When you purchase a 2023 Avalon 2185 LSZ Elite, you will be receiving a boat that has been constructed to be superior. Each pontoon is made from heavy-duty aluminum and includes the toughest canvas and vinyl to ensure years of use. Due to the premium construction of these boats, each one offers the best protection when it comes to safety and stability.

If you have been considering a 2023 Avalon 2185 LSZ Elite, we are excited for you to keep reading this review. We will dive in-depth into the interior and accessories it has to offer along with the pricing and warranty you can expect.

Keep reading now to learn more about the 2023 Avalon 2185 LSZ Elite and why it may be the best pontoon boat for you!

Interior and Accessories

One look at the 2023 Avalon 2185 LSZ Elite and you will instantly notice that it stands out above the rest. The interior is designed well, and molds together form and function.

When it comes to your boat, you can choose from a variety of exterior colors to customize your pontoon to your personal style. Avalon also allows you to choose an interior color package which helps tie the whole color scheme together.

At the front of the 2185 LSZ Elite, you will find two lounges that face each other. The lounges stretch across the front and curve inward at the bow leading to a boarding gate. Each lounge is plush and can comfortably seat two guests on each. The interior upholstery is made from durable grade vinyl to ensure they hold up over the course of use.

Moving towards the rear of the boat is a portside loveseat that faces toward the captain’s seat. An additional lounge is found right behind the stern. This lounger forms an L-shape. Close by is an additional access gate where guests can board at the aft. Included is a large kidney-shaped table with a base, which is perfect for eating or drinking.

At the console, captains will find that it is outfitted just for them. A low windscreen is present helping to block out any wind flow as you cruise and accelerate out on the water. The dash is a full layout of digital information that keeps you abreast of what is happening with your pontoon. In addition to the digital display, captains will enjoy a Fusion stereo along with a Garmin graph. The custom steering wheel provides complete control and allows you to feel confident in your ability to steer the pontoon. What sets the 2185 LSZ Elite apart from other boats is that the console comes with plenty of legroom, so you don’t have to worry about feeling cramped or squished while sitting. At the console, you will also find plenty of in-floor storage space to keep your equipment and other items. A manual Bimini top is included and provides shade.

The captain’s chair is plush and features a low back for a sporty look and feel. The chair does have armrests for added comfort. Movement of the chair is easy with the slider feature, and you can even rotate the chair to the position you desire.

Throughout the deck of the boat, you will find plenty of cup holders, speakers, and other creature comforts to make your day out on the water fun.

Additional Features Included on the 2023 Avalon 2185 LSZ Elite:

  • Vinyl flooring
  • USB charging port
  • USB audio input
  • Courtesy and navigational lighting
  • Telescoping boarding ladder


The 2023 Avalon 2185 LSZ Elite does not come standard with a specific engine, and you have a choice of which engine you want for your pontoon.

Engine options span in horsepower and price range. The lowest HP option is 9.9 with the highest being 400 HP. The lowest-priced engine starts at $4,734 and the highest $50,230.


  • Easy to handle on the water
  • Large and spacious
  • Plenty of storage
  • Lots of legroom under the console


The 2023 Avalon 2185 LSZ Elite comes in a number of different sizes with different price points. Your choices include a 21-foot pontoon, a 23-foot pontoon, and a 25-foot pontoon.

  • The 21-foot pontoon has a base MSRP starting at $33,016.
  • The 23-foot pontoon has a base MSRP starting at $35,281.
  • The 25-foot pontoon has a base MSRP starting at $36,938.

Each boat option has additional features and upgrades that can be added. Any upgrades chosen will affect the price of the boat, which means the price of your boat may differ from the base MSRP starting point.


Avalon Pontoon Boats offers a warranty with the purchase of their boats including the 2023 Avalon 2185 LSZ Elite. The warranty provided is allowed to be transferred ONCE as long as it is within 5 years from the original date of purchase.

A limited warranty is provided and covers any significant defects that arise in the workmanship or materials. Portions of the boat manufactured by Avalon Pontoon Boats are the only portions covered under the limited warranty.

Pontoon boats for personal use are covered under a limited warranty.

The limited warranty is as follows:

  • Single motor pontoons with 350 HP or less come with lifetime parts and a 10-year labor warranty.· Dual motor pontoons with more than 350 HP come with 5-year parts and a 2-year labor warranty.

    · All boats receive a 10-year parts and labor warranty for floor coverings and upholstery vinyl.

    · All boats receive a 10-year part and labor warranty for the Bimini, mooring cover, and enclosure top (fabric).

    · All boats receive a 2-year parts and labor warranty for the gel coat.

    · All boats receive a 3-year parts and labor warranty for the powder coat adhesion.

It is important to fully understand the warranty that is provided to you with the purchase of the 2023 Avalon 2185 LSZ Elite. There are exclusions and other terms, and the above information is not a full explanation or full representation of the warranty provided.

Avalon Pontoon Boats does offer a generous warranty to their customers. If you would like more information about the warranty you will receive make sure to speak with an authorized dealer.

Final Thoughts

The 2023 Avalon 2185 LSZ Elite is referred to as both elegant and affordable and there is no arguing that. These pontoon boats are amazing and come packed with plenty of space, storage, and features for you to fall in love with.

Whether you are new to boating or you are ready to turn in your speed boat for something else, this pontoon offers you a lot. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime behind the wheel or on the deck of the 2023 Avalon 2185 LSZ Elite.

Image Source: avalonpontoons.com

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