2023 Intrepid 427 Nomad SE Review

Welcome! We gather you are here because you are in the market for a new boat. Whether here to simply learn more about the new 2023 boat options or because you are seriously considering a new boat, we believe the 2023 Intrepid 427 Nomad SE is an excellent choice. This boat is a true showstopper, and you would be doing yourself a disservice by not giving it a look.

The 427 Nomad SE originally made its first debut at the Miami International Boat Show and really left an impression on those in attendance. To say this boat was a crowd-pleaser is a serious understatement. The boat impressed from all angles including the interior and exterior.

Intrepid Powerboats designs and manufactures the 2023 Intrepid 427 Nomad SE. Purchasing an Intrepid boat opens you up to a whole new family dubbed the Intrepid Nation. The company describes Intrepid Nation as a world of prestige, performance, and camaraderie. Your experience owning an Intrepid will be nothing short of perfect.

The company states that their boats offer both cruising and adventure for those who love to be on the water and each boat offers both style and comfort at the same time.

The 2023 Intrepid 427 Nomad SE is described by Intrepid Powerboats as a center console that invites you to dream big. The boat is your answer to a center console that is powerful and roomier – one that has been built to bring you comfort, performance, and versatility – something you can’t always find in other boats.

One way that Intrepid Powerboats works to stand out from the crowd is by offering a full customization process that allows you to style your boat the exact way you want it. By working with a team, you can be part of the entire process. Intrepid states that your new boat is “inspired by you and custom built for you.”

All of the Intrepid center consoles come packed with an endless selection of features that make it a true fishing machine. You will find that each detail is well thought out to ensure that your experience is one to remember. The dive boat options include added features to ensure a safe experience while out on the water as well.

The 2023 Intrepid 427 Nomad SE is not a boat that you want to pass up. It is rigged for fishing, comfort, and families. With high safety standards and supreme performance, you are going to love this boat. We invite you to read our blog below as it will take a deeper dive into the 2023 Intrepid 427 Nomad SE to give you a better idea of what it has to offer.

Interior and Accessories

At the transom, you will find dual dive platforms each equipped with their own boarding ladder. This feature meets the recommendation set forth by the American Boat and Yacht Council for solo reboarding. The dual boarding ladders allow for solo entry into the water and onto the boat making it safer for everyone.

Moving forward from the engines and swim platforms, you will find a large service platform area. This platform was designed with ease in mind and makes it simple for you to check on and maintain your engines.

Above the deck storage is available at the aft port side area and aft starboard area. These spacious storage areas can be used to keep your gear or equipment tucked away nicely or you can choose optional baitwells. If you do choose to use these areas for storage, there is the option to add refrigeration to them. If choosing the baitwells each includes a window and is rigged for convenience. If you plan to use the boat for fishing, the baitwells are placed in a convenient location and make fishing from the aft of the boat simple.

In between the storage areas is the option to add an integrated rear folding seat. This seat serves as additional seating for your passengers and can be flipped up when it is not in use. If you plan to primarily fish on your boat, the addition of this seat is a great choice, as it gives you somewhere to sit as you fight to bring your catch on board.

Entry onto the boat is easy with the hull side dive door that offers a lift up and a rotate design to maximize space. No longer will you need to worry about giving up precious cockpit space while the dive door is open. Passengers will feel safe boarding through this door. Should you want to use the dive door for entry into the water, you can. Included and stored under the cabin sole is a pull-out boarding ladder. Passengers can deploy the ladder and then use it to enter and exit the water.

There is a hull side platform that folds out to extend seating on the water. You can fold down the platform and lay on it, use it to enter the water, or even tie up your jet ski to it. The platform does include a ladder.

A small kitchenette can be found prior to reaching the cockpit area. The kitchenette includes a sink, a pull-out cooler, a grill, a refrigerator, and an ice maker. The top of the kitchenette does fold down to close it off when it is not in use forming additional counter space.

An aft cockpit baitwell and fish box are present and can be used for additional storage space if you choose. On both outside skirts of the cockpit are below the deck storage bins. If you choose to outfit the boat with the optional baitwells in the rear, these below the deck storage areas make the perfect place to store your gear and equipment.

The cockpit is home to the captain and is protected from rain and wind thanks to the full-size windshield. The windshield does not take away from the view around you either. The cockpit area has two rows of seating for a total of six seats. The seats are large and plush to provide you with ultimate comfort. Overhead is a T-top that provides shade for all cockpit seating.

The helm itself is expansive and set up just the way you would expect it to be. There is plenty of room for electronics and additional accessories to be installed. The console dashboard does feature large dual screens. The cockpit features a high and low deck that you can raise up or down with the single click of a button. The addition of this feature allows you to adjust your visibility.

Moving away from the cockpit is a side entry door. Here, you will find an ample amount of storage including a closet-like space with drawer units and a dry locker. To the left of the storage area is a separate head with a shower included. The head features a door for privacy.

Heading to the stern of the boat is a tilt-out trash can and dock line storage, one on each side of the boat for convenience. A large rod locker is provided to ensure you can keep your fishing rods safe when not in use. The rod locker also substitutes for another large storage compartment.

The front of the boat is set up for your passengers to enjoy time out on the water. An oversized sun pad is located here that allows your passengers to catch the sun’s rays. The sun pad can be lifted up to reveal a storage area. The sun pad does feature adjustable armrests and cup holders. Additionally, the backrests to the sun pad are electrically actuated allowing you to adjust them for further comfort.

Wraparound forward-facing seating surrounds the bow of the boat. Centered in the middle of the wraparound seating is a high-low table. If you want additional seating and lounging, a filler cushion can be used to transform the table into a sun pad. When not in use, the sun pad goes down into the floor to stay tucked out of the way. Storage space is present underneath the wraparound seating and can be accessed easily by simply lifting the seat up. The backrests to the seats do fold down to reveal rod racks.

Additional Features Included on the 2023 Intrepid 427 Nomad SE:

  • Rod holders (7)
  • Rod racks
  • Adjustable outrigger base
  • Telescoping outrigger poles
  • Underwater light
  • Electric helm seating
  • Handrails and grabrails


When it comes to the performance and power of the 2023 Intrepid 427 Nomad SE, you do have options available to you. Your options include twin, triple, and quadruple engines to meet your needs. When you want more power, Intrepid makes it possible. No matter which engine configuration you choose, Intrepid has worked hard to maximize the aft cockpit space so that you do not lose too much room like you would with an inboard configuration.

Intrepid Powerboats offers a total of 7 different engine options for you to choose from including:

  • Mercury 400 engines
  • Mercury 400R engines
  • Mercury 450R engines
  • Mercury 600 engines
  • Suzuki 350 engines
  • Yamaha 300 engines
  • Yamaha 425 XTO engines

As a reminder, you can choose from dual, triple, or quadruple engine configurations allowing you to give your new boat the number of horsepower you want it to have.

Intrepid Powerboats crafts each boat with its signature stepped-hull design that delivers great fuel efficiency, unmatched speed, and supreme performance. The result is a smooth, dry, and stable ride for you and your passengers. You will find that steering your boat is easy and the ride it delivers is flawless. From sharp corners to higher speeds, the 2023 Intrepid 427 Nomad SE is a dream to drive and handle. You can expect your boat to take off level, even during acceleration, and you may think you are floating on a cloud. When you ride on a 2023 Intrepid 427 Nomad SE, you get low noise, no lag, and perfection.


  • Roomy head with included shower
  • Plenty of storage space on board
  • Ability to customize the boat to meet your needs
  • Small kitchenette with grill and appliances
  • Wraparound bow seating is spacious and comfortable

Pricing and Specifications

Intrepid does not include pricing information on its website, so the starting base MSRP of the 2023 Intrepid 427 Nomad SE is not known. Research for the price did not turn up many, if any, results, which leaves us wondering what the exact price of the 2023 Intrepid 427 Nomad SE is.

One of the things to keep in mind when it comes to the pricing of the 2023 Intrepid 427 Nomad SE is that there are many options and upgrades that you can choose from. Intrepid allows you to customize every aspect of your boat from colors to the appliances in the kitchenette and more. Because of the versatility and ability to design your own custom boat, the price of your boat will vary greatly. The best way to receive an accurate idea of what your 2023 Intrepid 427 Nomad SE will cost you is to connect with a local authorized dealer.

2023 Intrepid 427 Nomad SE Specifications

  • Length: 42 feet 7 inches
  • Beam: 12 feet 8 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 535 gallons


Intrepid prides itself on how safe its boats are, and it states that safety always comes first. They do not simply take a lackadaisical approach to safety because they know how important your family and passengers are to you. They have committed themselves to creating the most comfortable, safest, and family-friendly boats out on the water. You would be hard-pressed to find another boat that can deliver the same amount of durability, reliability, performance, and safety in all weather conditions.

“Confidence comes standard” is the mantra that the company follows, and they have stated that their manufacturing process goes above and beyond what is required to build the superior boats that they do.

Intrepid Powerboats does state that they provide customers with world-class service from their trained and experienced support teams. The company states that the relationship does not end at the close of the sale and that it continues throughout the entire time you own your boat.

The company does provide a warranty with every boat that they sell including the 2023 Intrepid 427 Nomad SE. They have one of the better warranties (per the company) to protect your investment should anything happen to it during the warranted period. They will address any issues that you face. They also offer dockside service to fix problems immediately and keep you from being docked.

Intrepid does not include exact information on the warranty that they provide outside of that they do provide one and it includes dockside service. To get a better understanding of the warranty they do offer, it is best to speak with an authorized dealer who can review the warranty policy in-depth with you.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a boat that can put a checkmark next to everything you want, the 2023 Intrepid 427 Nomad SE is the right choice. This boat can be custom designed to meet your every need from color to appliance to much more. You will find that Intrepid really works hard to make sure its boaters are happy. Once you become part of the Intrepid Nation, you will quickly realize that boating is not just something fun to do, but it is a lifestyle.

The 2023 Intrepid 427 Nomad SE is the number one pick for the perfect family-friendly and safe boat for the water.

Ready to take a look at the 427 Nomad SE? Connect with your local authorized dealer to take one out for a test drive or to get an accurate quote. We are confident you will fall in love with the 2023 Intrepid 427 Nomad SE – we know we did!

Image Source: intrepidpowerboats.com

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