2023 Manitou Explore 26 Navigator Review

The new 2023 Manitou Explore 26 Navigator is a showstopper and is sure to be your next luxury boat that you fall in love with. The new lineup of Manitou pontoons has been designed to completely elevate and break away from the monotony of other boats found out on the open water.

Manitou takes pride in the boats that they design, and they have stated that each design is purposeful and achieves its purpose. Each pontoon is designed to help bring you a whole new experience while boating and you can bet both you and your passengers will quickly fall in love with the power, ride, and luxury packed into the 2023 Manitou Explore 26 Navigator.

If you are considering a pontoon boat, Manitou boats are an excellent choice, and the 2023 Manitou Explore 26 Navigator may be the right choice for you. Below, we will take a deeper dive into what this pontoon boat has to offer you! We are confident that you will love every inch of it along with the amenities that come equipped with it.

Interior and Accessories

The new 2023 Manitou Explore 26 Navigator has been outfitted with new technology and design to ensure that you are proud to be out on the water in style.

For starters, the new aluminum wall design has an automotive-inspired style and flare to it which allows you to look bold and beautiful. The aluminum wall panels mold nicely into the body to give your boat a nice modern and futuristic look to it. Atop the panels is a gas-assisted sport Bimini that comes standard with your new boat. The Bimini offers you 12 feet of shade coverage and can be used at speeds up to 55 miles per hour, which means you can stay covered and cool while you cruise, even on the hottest day of the year.

The interior floor plan in the 2023 Manitou Explore 26 Navigator is similar to other models and you will find twin couches at the rear of the boat for your passengers. The two captain’s chairs match the couches for a seamless interior design that flows without being broken up. There are switchback seats at the aft that allow you to pivot the backrests so that guests can face forward or backward as you cruise. Included on this pontoon is a tri-fold bench, which allows you to customize the seating to meet your needs and those of your passengers. A table resides hidden underneath the tri-fold bench where you can serve and eat snacks.

This pontoon is made for a good time on the water, and you will find plenty of storage on board and places to store drinks and cups. The speakers are integrated into the boat itself, so they do not stick out of take away from the interior.

The 2023 Manitou Explore 26 Navigator features a MAX Deck, which is Manitou’s low-profile design that maximizes the space that would otherwise be lost due to the engine. The MAX deck is four feet in length and provides you with additional space to stand, walk, or even jump off into the ocean.

The captain’s area comes with two matching chairs that are both comfortable in nature. The console is easy to use and read and you will find that you can easily control your boat and maneuver around as needed.

Additional features and amenities worth noting on the 2023 Manitou Explore 26 Navigator:

  • Helm storage spots
  • Woven vinyl flooring
  • Ski tow bar
  • LED interior flooring lights
  • Marine vinyl seats
  • Windscreen


When it comes to the 2023 Manitou Explore 26 Navigator, you will have two main options and that is whether you want the traditional outboard motor or if you want the MAX Deck option.

The MAX Deck option comes with your choice of either a 115 HP Rotax S115 outboard or a 150 HP Rotax S150. Standard is the S115.

Should you choose the traditional outboard option, you will have plenty of engine options to choose from, which may feel a bit overwhelming at first. Your options for engines include:


  • 250 HP 250XL Verado
  • 250 HP 250XL 4 Stroke Verado
  • 300 HP 300XL Verado
  • 300 HP 300XL 4 Stroke Verado
  • 300 HP 300XL PRO XS DTS Verado
  • 350 HP 350XL Verado
  • 400 HP 400XL Verado
  • 400 HP 400R 5.44” HD 1.75 XL

You will also have several other choices from top brands including:

  • Suzuki
  • Yamaha
  • Honda

No matter which option you choose, you will find that there is a punch of power packed into your pontoon and you will be able to cruise across the sea with ease. The handling of the 2023 Manitou Explore 26 Navigator is said to be nice and comfortable. While this is a bit of a larger pontoon, you will find that the engine and handling are both responsive at both higher and lower speeds.

Should you choose to add a joystick, you will enjoy even more superior handling from your pontoon.


  • Switchback loungers at the aft
  • MAX Deck
  • Underseat storage
  • LED docking lights

Pricing and Specifications

The 2023 Manitou Explore 26 Navigator has a starting MSRP of $102,155. Of course, this does not include any upgrades or additional amenities you choose to have installed or added to the boat. To get an accurate price quote, you should work with an authorized Manitou dealer.

There are many upgrades available for the 2023 Manitou Explore 26 Navigator including optional packages. These additional upgrades and packages can enhance your new pontoon to meet your needs.

2023 Manitou Explore 26 Navigator Specifications

  • Length: 25 feet 8 inches
  • Length with MAX Deck: 28 feet 4 inches
  • Length with Dual Engines: 26 feet
  • Beam: 8 feet 5 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 90 gallons
  • Dry Weight: 3,947 pounds
  • Dry Weight with MAX Deck: 4,425 pounds
  • Dry Weight with Dual Engines: 4,175 pounds
  • Passengers: 13 to 14
  • Max HP: 600


Manitou does offer a warranty on all of its new boats including the 2023 Manitou Explore 26 Navigator.

Included is an EPA Evaporative Emission-Related Warranty which covers any components that fail and because of their failure, would increase the evaporative emissions. This warranty is good for a total of 24 months or two years.

Included is a deck coverage warranty that is good for 120 consecutive months and covers the wooden deck and any components that fail due to poor workmanship or defects in the material.

Manitou also provides a limited lifetime structural warranty to protect against structural failure on the hull, tube, or transom along with their components.

In addition, Manitou provides the following warranty coverage:

  • 60 consecutive months on the upholstery
  • 60 consecutive months on the flooring
  • 24 consecutive months on the paint and coating
  • 60 consecutive months on the Bimini fabric
  • 84 consecutive months on parts and components

To learn more about all provided warranties, it is recommended that you speak with an authorized Manitou dealer.

Final Thoughts

The 2023 Manitou Explore 26 Navigator is a great pontoon boat that is both affordable and easy to maneuver on the water. This boat comes packed with some of the creature comforts you want your boat to have to keep your passengers comfortable and relaxed.

This pontoon comes standard with everything you need; however, you can upgrade your boat with optional features to add some additional touches. With your ability to choose the outboard engine(s) that fits your needs, easy control, and comfort, there is no doubt that the 2023 Manitou Explore 26 Navigator is the perfect choice of boat.

Image Source: manitoupontoonboats.com

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