2023 Phenom 37 Review

If you are in the market for a luxury boat, now is your chance to call one your own. The 2023 Phenom 37 is the ultimate luxury boat and will blow you away with the features it has to offer.

Phenom Yachts manufactures and delivers some of the most luxurious yachts on the market currently. They have focused their time and energy on creating yachts that solve every problem you may have found yourself getting into while out on the water.

The brand states that the term Phenom is synonymous with the goal of the brand. Their goal has always been to create a yacht that is family-friendly, luxurious, high performing, fishing-friendly, and customizable. They have really hit the nail on the head when it comes to innovation and providing boats that really stand out from the crowd.

Stepping onto the deck of a Phenom 37 can only be described as breathtaking as you take in all it has to offer around you. The elegance, luxury, and beauty really shine. Phenom Yachts uses only the best and highest quality products to craft their boats leaving you with a vessel that is durable, reliable, and safe. In fact, the Phenom 37 is a National Marine Manufacturers Association certified boat.

The 2023 Phenom 37 is said to not only be beautiful but also handle well on the water and outperform the competitors when it comes to acceleration and power.

Phenom has four pillars that they take into consideration when crafting a boat and those pillars are performance, fishing, family, and luxury. You can think of the 2023 Phenom 37 as a luxury car. It has everything you could need, want, and desire.

If you are looking for your next boat and are considering the 2023 Phenom 37, we invite you to keep reading this review. We will dive a bit more in-depth and go over what the Phenom 37’s interior and engine have to offer along with the pricing and warranty.

Learn more about the 2023 Phenom 37 below!

Interior and Accessories

One of the most notable features of the 2023 Phenom 37 is that it is a semi-custom builder, which means that you can customize it to meet your specific needs and styling preferences. Phenom sells directly to customers allowing you to skip the middleman and work directly with the brand to create your perfect boat.

To put it lightly, Phenom describes the Phenom 37 as delivering where “the top of expectations ends and phenomenal begins.”


The bow is going to be one of the areas that most interest those who like to lounge as they cruise the water. Here, you will find a large and spacious zone designed for entertainment. You can add in additional bow seating, should you choose. Each of the seats in the bow area includes storage under the lids.

All cushions in the bow are installed on plungers, which makes them easy to align depending on position and also to remove. Both the cushion itself and the backrest can be easily removed should you want more open space.

An optional electronically controlled bow table is available. This table sits in the center of the bow seating can be lowered into the deck and sits flush with the deck when not in use.

Other Features in the Bow Area:

  • Freshwater washdown
  • Windlass anchor system
  • Cleats and toe rail
  • Powder-coated bow handrails
  • Recessed storage

Front Console

At the front of the console, you will find contoured chaise loungers that include armrests for comfort. For additional legroom, the front half of the cushion slides forward.

The forward cushion of the chaise loungers acts as the lid to a 330-quart built-in insulated cooler. You can conveniently lift the cushion to access the cooler and keep both drinks and snacks cooled off here on your day adventure.

Console Interior

Moving into the console interior, you will access the interior via an entry door. This door does lock to add an extra layer of security should you not be on the boat.

Included in the 37 Phenom is a 6-foot berth. The berth has an overall height of more than 6.5 feet at its highest point. The berth can be easily transformed into a bench seat by simply lifting up the front section to form the bench.

Underneath the berth is an additional storage room, which is plentiful and spacious allowing you to store a bag or two, equipment, or anything else important you need on your trip.

Phenom Yachts includes standard with the Phenom 37 a tool kit and first aid kit, which both can be found within the berth storage area.

Located to the front of the berth is a porcelain head. Here you will also find a wood accent vanity, sink, and pull-out shower.

The console does come equipped with air conditioning making it a very comfortable area for those hot days on the water. The air plenum is installed above the window to ensure that the entire room is cooled quickly and efficiently. At night, the air plenum will glow. The air conditioner offers 3,500 BTUs and can run solely on batteries, which means it does not require the engine to be on to run.

Leaning Post

At the leaning post are three comfortable, plush, and oversized captain’s chairs. What sets these chairs apart from others is that the air conditioning runs right through them to keep you cool and comfortable while on the water. Each chair is ergonomically designed for supreme comfort and luxury. These seats offer heat in the winter as well.

All of the captain’s chairs are installed on an electric slide. This slide allows each passenger to maneuver the seat around to get the right fit.

On the backside of the leaning post is an additional seating area that consists of a mezzanine seat designed to seat two or three people. The seat includes armrests for added comfort. The bottom cushion of this seat hides an additional insulated cooler that can be easily accessed by lifting up the seat.

For fishing adventures, the backrest of the mezzanine seat can be pulled down to reveal a bait prep area. This area comes equipped with a non-slip surface, cutting board, and tackle storage. For additional storage, the leaning post has a door on each side that opens to reveal more tackle storage and drawers.

Other Features in the Leaning Post Area:

  • Toe kicks
  • Battery bank
  • 100-AMP battery charger
  • Console footrest storage


Similar to the helm, you have another entertainment zone located here at the stern. In the center, you will find a bench that seats three to four people. This bench seat is ideal as it can be stored when not in use. Towards the very back, there are handles that when pulled, reveal a large seat with a backrest.

At the very back of the stern is a large and spacious swim platform that surrounds the engines. You can hang out in this area when docked or anchored as it makes the perfect deck.

Fishing Features

  • The Phenom 37 has been designed to be a true fishing rig. It comes with all of the fishing features you want including:
  • Open bow layout
  • Pressurized livewell systems (30 gallons each and a total of 4 pumps)
  • Automatic livewell algorithms
  • Main pumps and backup pumps for each livewell
  • 290-quart in-deck fish boxes (2 total)
  • 220-quart in-deck storage boxes (2 total)
  • Freshwater and raw spigots
  • 4 electric reel outlets
  • 6 rod holders
  • Rocket launchers

Other Included Features on the 2023 Phenom 37

  • Toilet pump-out fitting
  • Tempered glass windshield
  • 2 VHF radios
  • In-grab edge for safety
  • Mercury Vesselview 7 display (includes gauges and information about the boat)
  • Phenom App
  • Dual Garmin 8622 22-Inch MFD
  • Garmin Fantom 124 radar
  • Speakers and sound system
  • Built-in lighting


The 2023 Phenom 37 is designed to either house twin or triple outboard motors. You have the ability to choose which option is best for you. The Phenom 37 is built to handle top speeds of over 70 miles per hour and a cruise speed of 40 miles per hour. While cruising, you can expect an efficiency of about a little more than one mile per gallon.

Current Engine Options for the Phenom 37

Twin Mercury Verado V12 Engines

  • 2 outboards
  • 2-speed transmission
  • V12 engines
  • 1,200 total horsepower (600 HP each)
  • 7.6L displacement

Triple Mercury Verado V10 Engines

  • 3 outboards
  • V10 engines
  • 1,200 total horsepower (400 HP each)
  • 5.7L displacement

This boat comes powered by a total of 8 Discover Traction Dry Cell AGM Group 31 batteries. Each battery offers an extended life and handles well in extreme temperatures.

The 2023 Phenom 37 comes equipped with a safe shore power system. The Smart Plug ELCI 30 AMP shore power system is designed to protect from overheating and power failures.


  • Built for family fun and fishing
  • Plenty of space on the deck
  • Very high-end and luxurious interior
  • Berth and head on board
  • Air conditioning in the console and throughout the captain’s chairs

Pricing and Specifications

Phenom Yachts is transparent with their pricing and since they sell directly to customers, they do publish their prices on their website. The starting base MSRP for the 2023 Phenom 37 is $895,000. This is the starting MSRP whether you choose the two-outboard or the three-outboard option.

The actual cost of your Phenom 37 will vary based on any upgrades that you may choose.

2023 Phenom 37 Specifications

  • Length: 37 feet 6 inches
  • Beam: 11 feet 2 inches
  • Estimated Dry Weight: 10,800 pounds
  • Max Horsepower: 1,400
  • Estimated Fuel Capacity: 502 gallons
  • Freshwater Tank Capacity: 50 gallons


Phenom Yachts does provide a warranty with the purchase of their boats including the 2023 Phenom 37.

They offer the following warranties:

  • 10-year hull limited warranty. This limited warranty is good for a total of 10 years and protects against any failure due to workmanship or material of the structural hull.
  • 1-year nonstructural limited warranty. This limited warranty is good for a total of 1 year and applies to any of the nonstructural components. The warranty covers any defect arising from failure in workmanship or material.

Phenom Yachts does allow for the transfer of their 10-year hull limited warranty from the original owner to a second owner.

It is important to make sure you fully understand the warranty that is being provided and what it does and does not cover. For any questions about the warranty, you should contact Phenom Yachts.

Final Thoughts

Wow. The 2023 Phenom 37 is truly a beauty to behold. It comes packed with many amenities and features. While it does have a higher price point, it is definitely worth the investment. Phenom Yachts has really delivered a great boat that is an all-around excellent choice.

If you are in the market for a new boat, especially one designed with your utmost comfort and style in mind, the 2023 Phenom 37 is an excellent choice.

Image Source: phenomyachts.com

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