2023 SeaVee 322z Review

The SeaVee brand was built out of a desire to provide boaters with an excellent fishing experience out on the water. The boats manufactured by SeaVee are made from some of the highest-quality materials which is why they have so many dedicated and brand loyal customers. One of the unique things about SeaVee is that they sell their boats directly to consumers, which ends up saving you money in the long run as there is no middleman.

While the SeaVee boats are built and manufactured to provide an awesome fishing experience, the manufacturer wanted to make sure they also cater to family and friends who want to simply get out on the water and have a good time. Because of the desire to cater to more individuals, SeaVee expanded its lineup of boats to ensure that its boats fit a wide range of individuals.

If you have laid eyes on the 2023 SeaVee 322z and are considering it as your next boat, we think you will definitely be happy with it. Each SeaVee boat is built to order meaning that you can customize your boat to be exactly as you want it to be. With many limitless customizations available, you are sure to not only have fun ordering your boat but going out on it as well.

The 2023 SeaVee 322z is a great choice of boat and if you are thinking about joining the SeaVee family, check out our in-depth review of the 322z.

Interior and Accessories

The interior of the 2023 SeaVee 322z is not only made for fishing, but comfort as well. Whether you want to spend the afternoon fishing or you want to take your friends and family out on the water, you will find that the interior is fit for both.

Located on board, you will find a number of different fishing features including two 40-gallon live wells located in the aft corners along with two fully insulated fish boxes for housing any fish you do catch. Located on board are a total of four-rod holders.

Storage is never a worry on the 322z as there is plenty of it. You will find storage within the center console, a lockable rod storage area, and under deck dry storage for your dry items and safety equipment.

Boaters will have the option to upgrade their boat to meet their needs and can choose from a variety of leaning post designs, a built-in tackle station, different seating options, rod holder layouts, and tower designs. Your needs are what fuel the design of your 322z.

This boat is not your average center console boat and is designed to provide you with the maximum amount of deck space possible. You will find that there is an adequate amount of space on the interior in addition to the deck.

The captain’s area features a large console area that includes dual 12-inch navigational units. Their ergonomic designs make them easy to use while maximizing your comfort. The console also features switches that are easily reached. Access to the console area is located at the front and the interior is home to a sink, breaker panel, battery switches, batteries, and electronics. Boaters have the option to add a marine head in this area as well.

Other features and amenities offered on the 2023 322z:

  • 6 pop-up cleats
  • Trim tabs
  • Self-baiting cockpit
  • Non-skid decking
  • Dual water separators
  • Coated aluminum fuel tanks
  • Automatic bilge pumps
  • Navigational lighting
  • Hydraulic steering

NOTE: The luxury edition upgrade of the 322z is meant to be less for fishing and more for families and friends. The luxury version includes a folding rear bench, removable bow bench seats, a deluxe rear bench, a cooler chair, and molded forward seating.


SeaVee states that the 322z is a well-performing boat that is equipped with enough power to keep you happy. The boat itself includes a cross-ventilated twin-stepped hull that has been outfitted with SpeedRail technology. SeaVee states that the SpeedRail technology ensures that your boat not only moves quickly but gets the maximum amount of fuel efficiency while remaining safe and predictable when it comes to handling.

This boat is said to glide well across the water when going slow and handle some of the roughest seas well. Each of the turns made in this boat is stable, sharp, and crips. Maneuvering the 322z around is a breeze.

Standard on the 2023 322z is twin 300 HP engines. Boaters can expect to reach top speeds of 50 to 54 miles per hour with these engines. Of course, this will also depend on the conditions, layout of the boat, and load. For those seeking a much more exhilarating experience, you can upgrade to twin 450 HP engines, which offer a maximum HP of 900 and top out at 65 miles per hour.

SeaVee allows you to choose from multiple engine options for your new 322z. These options include:

  • Twin 300 HP engines (come standard)
  • Twin 350 HP engines
  • Twin 400 HP engines
  • Twin 450 HP engines


  • Many customization options
  • Insulated fish boxes and live wells on board
  • Spacious decking
  • Multiple rod holders and customizable rod holder positions
  • Generous hull warranty

Pricing and Specifications

The cost of a new 2023 SeaVee 322z is not readily available on the manufacturer’s website and this is simply due to the fact that each boat is built to the specifications and needs of each boater. You can receive a quote for a 322z by contacting SeaVee.

Through research, it appears that the 2023 SeaVee 322z will cost you, on average, around $349,000 as a base starting MSRP.

2023 SeaVee 322z Specifications

  • Length: 32 feet 9 inches
  • Beam: 9 feet 6 inches
  • Weight (no engines): 6,900 pounds
  • Fuel Capacity: 312 gallons
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 39 gallons
  • Max Engines: 2
  • Max HP: 900


SeaVee prides itself on providing high-quality, well-manufactured boats and they stand behind this claim. They provide their customers will a warranty on all new boats.

Each new SeaVee is backed with a 10-year hull warranty and a 1-year warranty on all factory-installed accessories and electronics.

Final Thoughts

The 2023 SeaVee 322z is a wonderful option for both fishers and families. You will find this boat is very customizable and allows you to choose from many upgrade options and layout options to meet your needs.

At a modest price and with a good warranty, you are sure to love this boat, no matter what you use it for out on the water.

If you are looking for a new boat, check out the 2023 SeaVee 322z – you will love it.

Image Source: seaveeboats.com

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