2023 SeaVee 340z Review

SeaVee is not just a name – it is one of THE names in the boating world. SeaVee has a reputation for building beautiful and performance-based boats for fishers and families alike. Each boat is built to order, which means you, as the boater, can choose from a variety of layouts, customizations, and upgrades to ensure you get the BEST boat for you!

The 2023 SeaVee 340z was designed and built to be one of the top fishing tournament boats out on the water. You have the option to outfit this boat with up to three outboard engines, should you want that extra power and performance.

The 340z has a plethora of different options you can choose from including an added upper station with full controls, a coffin box, up to three insulated fish boxes, and up to four live wells.

When looking at the 340z, you have two options. The first is the traditional 340z, which is geared towards fishing and is rigged to ensure an amazing fishing experience. The 340Z LE (or luxury edition) is the sister to the 340z and is designed with additional seating options to ensure friends and family can tag along with you and remain comfortable on the boat.

If you have had the opportunity to see the 340z in person, you probably immediately fell in love with it. Its styling on the exterior and interior is bold. The 2023 SeaVee 340z is a wonderful choice of boat for fishermen or for those who want to enjoy social gatherings on the water. If you have been thinking about the 340z, we invite you to keep reading as we will review this boat in depth below.

Interior and Accessories

The 340z comes in two options, one of which is the standard layout and the second which is a luxury edition. The biggest difference between the two is that the luxury edition comes with additional seating options, which we will cover a little later in this interior section.

When it comes to boats, the 340z is definitely built to be a fishing machine, as SeaVee states. The boat itself comes with ample storage space to include multiple in-deck storage lockers, rod lockers, under-deck dry storage, and two fully insulated fish boxes. You will also find storage located at the central console. The under-deck storage allows you to keep a total of 42 fishing rods tucked away nicely and neatly until you are ready to use them. You will find rod holders located in the T-top, on the sides of the center console, and at the back of the leaning post.

Featured on the boat is a 65-gallon bait well that has been nicely integrated into the transom. If you choose, you can have an optional 30-gallon well installed adjacent to the bait well. You also have the option to add a third well near the cockpit area.

At the leaning post, you can choose to have a cooler installed to keep your drinks and snacks cold while you are out on the water.

The center console area of the 340z is made for the captain of the boat and is generously sized without taking up too much room on the deck. The console comes with dual 16-inch navigational units that are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort as you drive the boat. There is room for an additional VHF nearby, should you choose. You will find that the console includes numerous switches that are easy to use and access. The door to the console area is located at the front leaving the sides of the console area open for those rod holders. Inside the console area, you will also find a breaker panel, batteries, battery switches, and access to the electronics. This area can be fitted with a marine head, should you opt for one.

As we mentioned, the 340z is available in a luxury edition, which includes everything that comes in the standard version plus added seating. With the luxury option, you will find these additional seating options:

  • Sun lounger
  • Folding rear bench
  • Forward removable bench seats
  • Deluxe rear bench
  • Cooler chair
  • U-shaped rear bench

Additional features and options for the 2023 SeaVee 340z:

  • Multiple tower and upper station options
  • Coffin box
  • Electric reel outlets
  • Locking gaff holder
  • Coffin box lift system
  • Shade
  • Many other optional upgrades available


SeaVee calls the 340z a dream machine. The boat is designed for performance and speed. Boaters have the option of choosing from twin or triple outboard engines. Horsepower for the 340z ranges from 600 to 1,350, so you will never be left desiring additional performance.

What sets this boat apart is that while you do have a lot of power and performance, you do not have to give up something else to have this. You will still receive premium ride quality, excellent speed, comfortable handling, and fuel efficiency.

Each 340z comes standard with SpeedRail technology, which allows you to enjoy multiple speeds while on the water. From calm to rough seas, you will find that this boat maintains a safe ride and turns quickly, sharply, and safely.

SeaVee allows you to truly outfit your boat with what makes you happy. This means that you will have the option of which engine you want. In general, the 340z comes standard with twin 400 HP engines which allow you to top out at anywhere between 50 and 55 miles per hour. If you want to upgrade your performance and increase your top speed, opt for the triple 450 HP engines to top out at 70 miles per hour.

Your available engine options include:

  • Twin 400 HP engines (standard)
  • Twin 450 HP engines
  • Triple 300 HP engines
  • Triple 400 HP engines
  • Triple 450 HP engines


  • Many customizations options available
  • Powerful engine and upgraded performance
  • Ability to hold many fishing rods (42 total)
  • Multiple storage options

Pricing and Specifications

The MSRP price of the 2023 SeaVee 340z is not listed on the SeaVee website and this is likely due to the option to outfit the boat to meet your needs. There are many different customizations and options available, which can greatly increase the price of the boat itself.

Through research, it appears that the MSRP for the 2023 SeaVee 340z with twin 400 HP engines starts at around $560,000. To receive an accurate quote, it is best to speak with SeaVee.

2023 SeaVee 340z Specifications

  • Length: 34 feet 9 inches
  • Beam: 10 feet
  • Weight (without engines): 7,950 pounds
  • Fuel Capacity: 364 gallons
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 40 gallons
  • Max Engines: 3
  • Max HP: 1,350


SeaVee has one of the better warranties in the boating industry and they pride themselves on making high-quality boats. They stand behind their work and back all of their boats.

Your new 2023 SeaVee 340z will come with a 10-year hull warranty and a 1-year warranty on all factory-installed electronics and accessories.

Final Thoughts

The 2023 SeaVee 340z is the ultimate fishing tournament boat that can easily be upgraded to include seating options to make it an excellent cruiser for any family.

With a good warranty and a name like SeaVee, you are sure to get an excellent boat that you will be happy with for many years.

If you are in the market for a new boat, you should definitely check out the 2023 SeaVee 340z. We are confident that it can meet your needs easily and is very versatile.

Image Source: seaveeboats.com

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