2023 Solaris 40 Open Review

The 2023 Solaris 40 Open is an amazing powerboat that is sure to please. The boat is the smallest and newest model released by Solaris. The boat itself is more than just nice to look at. It stacks up to its competitors well and has a lot to offer those who step foot on board.

The 40 Open is part of the Power lineup and having a boat in the Power lineup is something to be proud of. When you purchase a Solaris boat, you are getting a whole slew of benefits that helps to set your vessel apart from others on the market.

You can expect your new boat to sail smoothly through the water, even when presented with some rough seas. The boat features a bow with sharp edges and lines to keep the deck dry and the boat sailing flawlessly. You will find that you have great stability whether you are anchored, or you are cruising at top speeds. This boat does not need stabilizers, which makes it nice to not have to worry about.

Other competitors have planing hulls that may cause uneven roll in the water. Solaris has designed their boats to combat this and with the 40 Open hull, you can cruise without any roll and steadily using the displacement mode.

Solaris Power is a brand that was created in 1974 and has since been creating coupe and open yachts for sea exploration. The brand is proud to create boats that offer functionality, safety, seaworthiness, and technique. Founded in Aquileia, Solaris Boats is best known amongst German, Austrian, and Swiss boaters.

Solaris prides itself on building only the best boats possible using the highest quality standards available. The brand has become the top leader in the European category for top-class sailing boats from 50 feet to 110 feet.

Starting in 2008, Solaris began offering motor yachts ranging in size from 44 feet to 100 feet. The company is proud to be able to present the 2023 Solaris 40 Open and include it in its lineup of high-quality boats.

Solaris Boats has a manufacturing facility by the sea, which allows them to ensure that all boats are made perfect. They conduct sea trials that verify each boat’s ability to perform. By keeping the manufacturing on-site and being a part of every boat that is built, Solaris can guarantee that every boat owner will enjoy a wonderful sailing experience on the water.

If you are looking for a new boat that is crafted with the best materials and built to meet your needs, check out the 2023 Solaris 40 Open.

Below, we will review the 2023 Solaris 40 Open in-depth to give you a better idea of what it has to offer you. Our review will cover the interior, accessories, pricing, and warranty.

Ready to learn more? Let’s go ahead and get started.

Interior and Accessories

The new 2023 Solaris 40 Open was designed to set new standards within the category and offer you a large layout with great design elements. The exterior styling is sharp, bold, and sleek making it a real head-turning vessel. You do have six different colors to choose from.

Starting out at the stern, you will find plenty of deck space designed to serve as your line of access directly to the water. Here, there is a sunbathing mattress that allows you to relax and catch some of the sun’s rays. Additional stern seating gives your passengers a place to sit.

The deck is on floor level with the cockpit for a smooth transition. As you move towards the rear of the boat, you will be greeted with a sun deck that houses three large storage lockers underneath. The sun deck features a settee on both sides that surrounds a table sitting right in the middle. The table makes for a great place to serve food and drinks while socializing with your friends.

The overhead hardtop keeps the settee and table area shaded nicely, so you do not have to worry about feeling overheated on a hot day. The hardtop is outfitted with navigation lights, a mast, and an acoustic alarm.

Directly underneath the hardtop is the cockpit and helm, which is home to the captain of the boat. Captains and co-captains will enjoy a complete 360-degree view thanks to the low-profile dashboard. No matter where you find yourself on the boat, you will have an almost unobstructed view. The best seat in the house is right from the helm/cockpit.

Solaris definitely kept the captain in mind when creating the 2023 Solaris 40 Open. The entire console area is geared towards making steering the boat as easy and simple as possible. You will find a chart plotter, joystick, and buttons that make up the majority of controls here. Dual large console screens show you everything you need to see about your boat and its performance. A provided 7-inch navigation display will keep you heading in the right direction.

A nice addition for captains and co-captains are the three pilot chairs. These chairs are plush and designed to be as comfortable as possible seeing as this area is the crème de la crème of views.

Creating a social space is easy with the available seating on the deck and the outdoor kitchen. The kitchen includes a covered worktop area, a refrigerator, storage cabinets, a trash receptacle, and a sink.

Layout of the 2023 Solaris 40 Open

You do have two main layout choices when it comes to the 2023 Solaris 40 Open. Version A includes two cabins while Version B includes one cabin. The owner’s cabin will always be located at the forward, no matter which version you choose.

Version A features two cabins, which include the owner’s cabin and then a secondary cabin area. The owner’s cabin includes a double berth with a storage cabinet and a wardrobe with storage shelves inside. There is plenty of lighting inside the cabin and a porthole that opens.

Included in the owner’s cabin is the owner’s bathroom which includes an electric head and a detached shower. There is a sink, mirror, and lights included in this space.

The secondary cabin includes two twin berths, lighting, and storage space.

Version B eliminates the two twin berths and leaves the area open to be used as a storage only space. This version does include the same amenities as the owner’s cabin in version A.

Additional Innovations Included on the 2023 Solaris 40 Open

Below, we will discuss some of the additional innovations that you can find on the Power lineup including the 2023 Solaris 40 Open.

Oversized Sun Beds

As we mentioned, the 2023 Solaris 40 Open includes a sun bed. All Power models have the bow sun bed and an aft sun deck.


The deck of the 40 Open has lateral walkways that allow you to move freely between the stern and bow without any issue.

Fold-Out Bulwarks

All Open models include fold-out bulwarks that extend the cockpit deck space by 20 percent, giving you more room.


The aft sun deck opens up to reveal a large garage and storage area. Here, you can store your water toys and access them whenever you are ready to launch them.

Hydraulic Gangway

The hydraulic gangway transforms into a swim ladder that easily lowers into the water giving you and your passengers an easy way to enter and exit the water.


The 2023 Solaris 40 Open comes standard as a gas engine option and includes dual Volvo Penta V6 280 HP engines. These engines deliver a max speed of 31 knots. The optimum cruising speed for the V6 engines is 21 knots.

When it comes to engines, the gas Volvo Penta V6s are the standard equipped outboards; however, you do have the choice to change out the engines. The additional options include three different choices, all of which are diesel engines. The diesel options include dual Volvo Penta D4 300 HP engines, dual Volvo Penta D6 380 HP engines, or dual Volvo Penta D6 440 HP engines.

When looking at your additional engine options, the following are the max speeds: the D4 is 30 knots, the D6 380 HP is 33 knots, and the D6 440 HP is 41 knots. The optimum cruising speeds for each option are as follows: 20 knots for the D4, 23 knots for the D6 380 HP, and 27 knots for the D6 440 HP.

The hull coupled with the performance of the engines is what makes the 40 Open a great choice. You will find that the boat offers a low fuel consumption, which gives you maximum range and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. You do not have to worry about wasting fuel, which means less time spent stopping to refuel the tanks.

Maneuvering the boat is easy thanks to the joystick. You can dock the boat flawlessly without the help of anyone else. The joystick is comfortable in your hand and offers you control.

The engine exhaust is in the propeller pods and there are no rotating masses on the shaft line of the 2023 Solaris 40 Open, which means you do not have to worry about a noisy ride. The engine produces minimal noise and vibration.


  • Spacious sun deck
  • Option of one or two cabins
  • Head with a separate shower
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Panoramic view from the captain and co-captains chairs

Pricing and Specifications

The price of the 2023 Solaris 40 Open is not published on Solaris’ website, so it is not known what the base MSRP starting price is for the boat. However, research reveals that you should expect this model to fall somewhere between $800,000 and $1,250,000.

It is important to note that the exact price of the 2023 Solaris 40 Open is unknown and the above is only an estimate. The actual price of your 40 Open will be dependent on any additional features or upgrades that you choose.

For the most accurate pricing information, it is recommended that you speak with a local authorized dealer.

2023 Solaris 40 Open Specifications

  • Length: 39 feet 27 inches
  • Beam: 12 feet 63 inches
  • Estimated Light Displacement with Gas Engines: 18,146 pounds
  • Estimated Light Displacement with Diesel Engines: 19,929 pounds
  • Fuel Capacity: 265 gallons
  • Water Capacity: 60 gallons
  • Maximum Passenger Capacity: 12


Solaris does not post its warranty information online, so it is impossible to say for sure if the 2023 Solaris 40 Open comes with a warranty.

With that said, Solaris prides itself on creating quality yachts and states that it stands behind its work.

If Solaris offers a warranty similar to other manufacturers, you can expect your new 2023 Solaris 40 Open to come with a structural hull and deck warranty and a parts warranty, at minimum. It is possible that Solaris provides a more in-depth warranty.

To learn more about the exact warranty provided with the purchase of a 2023 Solaris 40 Open, it is best to speak with an authorized dealer.

Final Thoughts

The 2023 Solaris 40 Open is a wonderful boat that is intended to deliver comfort and performance. The boat is built to allow you to spend the day out on the water and spend the night on board with accommodation in the cabin. The entire layout of the boat is spacious and you will never feel like you desire more room.

The included engines offer you peak performance along with minimal to no vibration or sound, which means you can focus more on your passengers and less on having to yell so everyone can hear you talk.

Solaris has constructed each one of its boats using the best materials and methods to ensure you receive a premium boat that is safe and reliable on the water.

The 2023 Solaris 40 Open is a great choice for anyone who wants the luxury and comfort of a yacht. If you are interested in purchasing this boat or seeing one in person, we recommend you contact a local authorized dealer.

Image Source: solarispower.com

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