2023 Windy SR44 Review

Windy is a brand of boats that was started by Hugo Vold in 1966. The brand has been making its stellar boats for more than five decades! What fueled the drive and passion for the creation of Windy was to be able to create boats that were seaworthy, reliable, and high quality. The brand has hired some of the best designers, creators, and builders from all over to ensure that each boat is uniquely crafted.

The brand has a full lineup of both custom and production boats that are second to none. The entire reputation of the brand is based on craftsmanship and quality. Two things that simply cannot be sacrificed when it comes to boats. The brand has won awards for its unique deep v-hulls that enhance the boating experience and provide a very stable ride.

The name Windy, in Europe, is synonymous with high-quality luxurious sports boats. The company has kept their name well known and owners love their Windy boats.

The 2023 Windy SR44 is a boat you will not want to pass up and a boat that once you take a test, you will purchase it. This boat is built to be a speed boat and designed to provide a thrill to those who are looking for adventure and performance.

This boat offers you some of the best quality and luxury that you can get on a vessel. There are overnight accommodations and a galley right on board allowing this boat to take you on your perfect weekend getaway.

At first glance, the 2023 Windy SR44 sports a silky gel coat on the exterior that really draws your eyes in. The exterior styling will help you stand out on the water and not simply look like just another speed boat racing by. One of the most notable features when looking at the 2023 Windy SR44 from the exterior is the large T-top that provides shade to the boat.

The 2023 Windy SR44 looks good on the water, but more importantly, offers you plenty of deck space and performance, similar to that of the larger sister model in the Windy lineup. If you are looking for a new boat, the 2023 Windy SR44 is a great choice and has a lot to offer you.

Below, we will review the SR44 in-depth discussing the interior, accessories, pricing, and warranty information.

Interior and Accessories

The 2023 Windy SR44 has easily been described as the perfect weekender and is fully equipped to make your weekend getaway a dream. In addition, Windy has a long list of options and a customization program. You can truly create a unique and personalized look for your boat.

Starting at the deck, you will instantly be amazed at how much space you have while on board. The layout is perfect for both friends and family and makes the entire day out on the water luxurious and eventful. At the front and rear of the boat are two large sun pads that are perfect for lounging and catching the sun’s rays. Both of the sun pads face the water, so your view is as perfect as your ability to relax. The rear sun pad has a large storage container underneath that is perfect for keeping your water toys and equipment.

At the rear is your socializing spot with a U-shaped saloon that has a table that can extend to the size you need allowing you and all your guests on board to dine in style. The galley features a sink, refrigerator, and storage area. The galley area is protected with a hard top, making serving food perfect, no matter the weather you find yourself in.

At the stern of the boat is an anchor locker where the anchor is tucked away nicely. Two steps lead to easy access. When not in use, the door to the anchor locker closes. In front of where the anchor locker is, you will find additional storage space built into the deck. You can access this storage area by simply lifting it up. When not in use, the door closes and sits flush with the floor of the boat.

At the rear of the boat is a large swim platform that is perfect for getting into and out of the water. It makes the perfect spot for water sports as well. There is a boarding ladder here that allows for easy on and off access to the boat.

There is a portside passage that runs the entire length of the boat. This area is perfect for moving and transitioning from one area to the next. You will find that safety was on the mind of the Windy designers as they crafted this boat. There are handrails found all over, even on the inside of the bulwarks.

The cockpit is equipped with three large plush bucket seats for the captain and two others. The entire cockpit area is covered by a hardtop that features a large windscreen that offers protection on the front and sides. The console area is large, spacious, and easy to read. Here, you can find all of the information needed about your boat. The console is home to dual screens that are 17 inches each.

Underneath the bridge area, you can enter the cabin, which is decorated with neutral, yet eye-grabbing colors. The front of the cabin area features a double berth that offers several ways to access the above deck. In the rear of the cabin are two single beds. You can comfortably sleep a total of 4 people on the 2023 Windy SR44.

In the center of the cabin is the galley and a head that includes a shower. Each area with the berths/beds can be closed off to provide you with privacy.

Additional Features Found on the 2023 Windy SR44:

  • Navigation lights
  • Flag pole
  • Hot and cold water
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Fusion radio and speakers
  • USB sockets
  • Cup holders
  • Glove box
  • Adjustable seating
  • Footrests
  • Mirror
  • Sink
  • Blinds


We have mentioned before that the 2023 Windy SR44 is built to be a sports boat and performance is not something you ever have to worry about. You will get all the speed, performance, and handling you want from this one.

The 2023 Windy SR44 comes equipped standard with twin Volvo Penta D6-400 HP DPI engines. When it comes to the 2023 Windy SR44, you do have multiple engine options. Some of your additional engine options include:

  • Twin Volvo Penta D6-440 HP DPI engines
  • Twin Volvo Penta IPS 600 HP engines
  • Twin Volvo Penta IPS 650 HP engines

The SR44 is built to get up to speeds of 50 knots effortlessly.

When it comes to handling, it does not matter which engine you choose, as you will find that the 2023 Windy SR44 drives beautifully. The boat itself easily cuts through the water, cruising and accelerating with the power you want, need, and desire. The consoles in the cockpit allow you to remain in complete control the entire time you steer your boat.

Performance is excellent and handling is perfect. You will find that the 2023 Windy SR44 offers a predictable, safe, and steady ride no matter the conditions of the water.

Performance Test Results

Windy runs multiple tests on their boats to ensure performance is up to par. Below, we will provide two sets of performance data that were tested and published by Windy.

Test 1:

This test was run utilizing the Twin Volvo Penta IPS 650 HP engines.

The boat data was as follows:

  • People on board: 3
  • Weight: 10,600 kg
  • Water: 100%
  • Fuel: 20%

Acceleration Results: 

  • 0 to 15 knots: 6 seconds
  • 0 to 25 knots: 9 seconds
  • 0 to 35 knots: 15 seconds

Test 2:

This test was run utilizing the Twin Volvo Penta D6 440 HP DPI engines.

The boat data was as follows:

  • People on board: 3
  • Weight: 11,400 kg
  • Fuel: 100%
  • Water: 100%

Acceleration Results:

  • 0 to 20 knots: 8.5 seconds
  • 0 to 30 knots: 15.5 seconds
  • 0 to 35 knots: 21 seconds


  • Built-in mosquito netting for the deck hatch
  • Many optional upgrades and customizations available
  • Comfortable and spacious enough for a family to use as a multi-day overnighter
  • Tons of storage space
  • Multiple sun pads for lounging
  • Large swim platform

Pricing and Specifications

Windy does not have any pricing published on their website, therefore, we cannot provide the exact starting base MSRP of the 2023 Windy SR44. With that said, there are estimates that the price of this model is around $1,450,000.

Of course, this price could be higher or lower and is only an estimate based on limited available data. It is also important to note that the 2023 Windy SR44 is customizable and does come with many options that can be added, thus increasing the overall price of your new boat.

To get an accurate price quote, it is best to work closely with an authorized dealer.

2023 Windy SR44 Specifications

  • Length: 13.33 meters
  • Beam: 3.96 meters
  • Estimated Dry Weight: 10.1 tons
  • Top Speed:: 44 knots for inboard engines and 50 knots for outboard engines
  • Fuel Capacity: 900 liters
  •  Fresh Water Capacity: 300 liters


Windy does not post any information about their warranty online, so it is hard to say if they do in fact offer a warranty on their boats. However, it is assumed that they do. The brand prides itself on being a leader in the market and offering some of the highest-quality boats. They do stand behind their boats.

To learn more about whether the 2023 Windy SR44 comes with a warranty and what is included in that warranty, speak with a local authorized dealer.

Final Thoughts

The new 2023 Windy SR44 is a luxury boat that is perfect for family weekends on the water. The interior cabin is comfortable and made to accommodate four people overnight. The interior cabin features a head and a galley that make it the perfect place to escape land for several days at a time.

The power and performance that the 2023 Windy SR44 offers to near perfect, and you will find that in just seconds you reach your optimum knots. Acceleration is smooth and handling is flawless. There is nothing bad to be said about the new SR44.

If you are interested in the 2023 Windy SR44, find a local authorized dealer to discuss pricing, customization options, and warranty info.

Image Source: windyboats.com

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