2024 Yamaha 222XD Review

Yamaha is a well-known brand across many industries and when people hear the word “Yamaha,” they think reputable, reliable, and powerful. These sentiments are no different when it comes to the 2024 Yamaha 222XD.

The brand sports a tagline of “Where the road ends, your adventure begins,” and this could not be truer. You can expect to have fun out on the water and with the flawless design and accompanying amenities on the 2024 Yamaha 222XD, you will feel like the king of the water.

Boat owners continue to choose Yamaha as their boat brand of choice because they are known for providing one of the highest-rated marine engines in the boating industry. With more than 65 years of experience building marine engines, it is no wonder why they have claimed the market and have a loyal brand following. You will also find that many other boat manufacturers utilize Yamaha engines on their boats.

Yamaha has created their boats to provide a smooth ride for all passengers on board. The propeller system is designed to be housed internally, which allows you to use the front stern area as a swim platform. This makes it easy for passengers to get into and out of the water at any time and without struggle.

With a Yamaha boat, you can expect it to be completely equipped with all the amenities and features that you need. Yamaha boasts that they include more amenities and features than other boat manufacturers do for the base price. Their tagline for affordability is: “Always more. Standard.”

If you are looking for a boat that is comfortable, made to perform, reliable, and constructed by a top name in the industry, the 2024 Yamaha 222XD is the perfect choice.

We invite you to continue reading the review below as we will dive in-depth to explore what the 2024 Yamaha 222XD has to offer. We will explore the interior, amenities, price, and warranty.

Ready to learn more about the 2024 Yamaha 222XD? Let’s go.

Interior and Accessories

Laying eyes on the 2024 Yamaha 222XD is a sight to behold. The 222XD has been designed to be longer than previous versions. This extra length has made the interior roomier for both the captain and passengers. The entire layout of the boat is well thought out and allows everyone on board to walk around with ease and without feeling cramped.

Below, we will review each area of the boat to give you a better idea of what you can expect.


Inside the cockpit, you will find Marine Mat decking that provides you with traction and is durable. The flooring is slip resistant and the included floor mats are securely attached using snaps integrated into the deck for easy removal and cleaning.

The captain’s and co-captain’s chairs are plush and ergonomically designed for a comfortable ride. The captain’s chair has a flip-up bolster. Both seats come with lumbar wings and vents allowing for complete airflow and comfort. There are no armrests on either seat to ensure that the captain and passengers can get in and out of the chairs easily and quickly and that other passengers in the cockpit area can move around seamlessly.

Located behind the captain’s chair and co-captain’s chair is additional seating for passengers. There is also a removable table mounted on a pedestal that is a great place to put drinks and snacks. Cupholders are integrated into the top of the table for convenience.

In front of the co-captain’s chair are additional cup holders and latched storage compartments to store any of your personal items inside. Inside the storage area is a charging station.

You will find plenty of cupholders throughout the cockpit area along with grab bars for safety. Covering the cockpit area is an aluminum tower that is collapsible should you not want to have it up. The tower includes a stereo system along with speakers and a subwoofer for the ultimate musical experience on the water.

Other Included Features in the Cockpit:

  • Ski locker
  • Lockable glove box
  • Portside entertainment area
  • Docking lights
  • Deck lighting
  • Tower lighting


A passenger favorite of this boat is the stern area. Here, you will find a swim platform that allows you to easily access the water. A telescopic ladder is included and housed underneath the swim platform. The ladder comes with two grab handles to aid in getting out of the water.

Accompanying the swim platform is lounge seating with included cupholders and controls for the sound system allowing you to adjust and enhance your experience.

Underneath the seating is wet storage, which can be accessed by simply lifting up the seats. Inside the storage area are clean-out ports and an engine kill switch.

Other Included Features in the Stern:

  • Dinette table mount
  • Marine-grade decking
  • Wet storage compartment


The helm is another notable area that has been redesigned with the 222XD for the captain. A 12.3-inch display sits near the steering wheel and is completely touchscreen making your job as driver and captain easy. Another great feature is that the joystick also controls the screen for flawless operation, no matter what you are doing.

All of the boat’s functions are accessed on this screen including the throttle configurations, lighting on board, Bluetooth, and ballast tanks. Other information provided on this screen includes trip information, RPM levels, engine performance, water temperature, fuel gauge and consumption information, GPS, depth of water, and more. The display also allows you to choose your water sports modes right here and you can customize and save a total of five profiles.

Other Included Features in the Helm:

  • DRiVE technology
  • Smartphone holder
  • Push start-stop button
  • Wireless charging ports
  • Underwater lights
  • 12V outlet
  • Bluetooth
  • Tower tow hook


The 2024 Yamaha 222XD comes equipped standard with twin 1.9L Yamaha marine engines. These engines are 4-stroke, 4-cylinder outboards. Yamaha is known for creating high-powered engines and this one is no different. You can easily accelerate and plane the water you want without any compromise in performance or speed. Reaching cruising speeds is quick and you can expect to be able to reach your optimum speed in just seconds.

With the 222XD, you don’t have to be an expert boater to fall in love with this boat. Handling is a dream, and you will find that steering this boat is more in line with that of steering a vehicle. The handling makes the boat easy to turn and the response of the boat is almost instantaneous. Fortunately, Yamaha has designed this boat so that you do not have to sacrifice handleability for speed or performance, which is nice and desired.

What truly makes the 2024 Yamaha 222XD stand out is its ability to function as a water sports boat too. The power produced from the dual outboards allows you to tow any towable personal watercraft or surfer directly behind the boat. All of this is done with the touch of a simple button on the touchscreen console too. Wake surfing can occur on either side of the boat too, so you are not just limited to one area.


  • Easy to use and access swim platform
  • Telescopic ladder with handle grab bars
  • Low maintenance
  • Touchscreen console
  • Fluid and smooth handling
  • Wake sports options

Pricing and Specifications

The 2024 Yamaha 222XD has a base MSRP of $87,599. This price includes all of the standard features that were discussed above and the engines.

Yamaha Boats allows you to design and build your boat right on their website, which allows you to see how much your new boat will cost if you add any additional features or options.

When purchasing the 2024 Yamaha 222XD, you do have the choice of two colors, both of which have the same starting base MSRP.

Since Yamaha Boats prides itself on offering more standard features than competitors, you will find that there are no customizations that can be made to the boat itself. You can, however, add accessories and other options that are available. Any addition of these items will increase the price of the boat based on your selections.

2024 Yamaha 222XD Specifications

  • Length: 22 feet
  • Beam: 8 feet 6 inches
  • Estimated Weight: 4,118 pounds
  • Passengers: 10
  • Fuel Capacity: 70 gallons


Yamaha stands behind the boats and the engines that it manufactures, which means you will receive a warranty with the purchase of a new boat including the 2024 Yamaha 222XD.

Yamaha Boats provides a limited hull and deck warranty against any major structural defects in workmanship or material. This limited warranty is good for a total of 1 year from the date of purchase.

Yamaha Boats provides a limited engine warranty that covers the engine, jet pump, engine-related components, and jet drive pump against defects in workmanship or material for a total of 1 year from the date of purchase.

Yamaha Boats provides a limited components warranty that covers any components not already covered under the above warranties against defects in workmanship or material for a total of 3 years from the date of purchase.

Yamaha Boats provides a limited cosmetic warranty that covers any imperfections on the exterior gelcoat or the upholstery for a total of 1 year from the date of purchase.

Commercial use is covered by the Yamaha warranty, but at a lesser rate than with personal use. There are excluded items that are NOT covered. It is important to speak with an authorized dealer to better understand what is and is not covered by the warranty.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a boat that is both great for family fun and offers the ability to enjoy water sports, the 2024 Yamaha 222XD is it. Not only will you be getting a boat built under one of the top leading brands, but you will also be able to rest easy knowing that your boat is going to last.

The 2024 Yamaha 222XD is priced well and includes a lot. You will enjoy the included amenities and find that the boat itself is roomy and really designed with you and your passengers in mind.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new boat that is packed with power, the 2024 Yamaha 222XD is an excellent choice. Speak with a local authorized dealer today to purchase one.

Image Source: yamahaboats.com

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