Don’t Let Moisture Destroy Your Haven on the Sea–Tactics to Keep Your Boat Free of Mold and Mildew

You wanted the freedom of the seas, and you got it. But, did you know that dreaded moisture can also bring misery in the form of mold and mildew to your boat?

Indeed, boats and water may not be as close of friends as you thought. Water, as humid temperatures rise, facilitates the growth of mold and mildew, which can spread around your boat like wildfire if not taken care of. Rust can even set in!

Even when you battle back against these unwelcome intruders, they might come back for revenge. Many sailors find themselves having to renovate their entire interior due to relentless mold infestations.

So how do you protect your beloved boat from these invaders? Here are some tips that will help keep your boat free of any mold or mildew-related worries.

Shield Your Boat

A surefire way to keep water from tarnishing your boat while it is not in use is to deploy a custom-fitted boat cover. This covering should be snug enough to stave off rain, but still offer breathability for adequate air circulation.

When employing the cover, it is essential to periodically inspect for pools of water forming on its surface. Should any accumulate, the water can penetrate into your boat’s interior.

Unearth and Eradicate any Holes 

Prevention is paramount when avoiding mold and mildew, so you must be vigilant in searching for any openings. Scrutinize all decking and hull seals as well as hardware in order to guarantee that no water is seeping inside.

At the presence of any holes or weakened material, repairs should be performed right away.

Beat the Humidity 

Mold and mildew love humidity–like really, really love it. Combat their affection by reducing the moisture in your environment as much as possible. It’ll require some work if you’re stuck in an especially humid area, but there’s no need to panic!

You can achieve this with an array of electrical or non-electrical devices. Humidifiers, heaters and dehumidifiers all help reduce moisture levels, but they should always occupy when switched on.

To keep your home breathable without sacrificing any vigilance, a boat air dryer is a great option: 24/7 operation with no juice required!

Promote Ventilation 

Boats need ample airflow to prevent dangerous mold and mildew growth. Open cupboards, lockers, and all other tightly enclosed areas to the fresh air.

If needed, install additional vents to encourage proper air circulation throughout your boat.

Clean Regularly 

Make sure you stay on top of any potential issues and clean your boat regularly–focusing on areas that are at risk of being damp or humid.

Utilize a vinegar and water solution or bleach and water solution to effectively kill mold and mildew spores before they can spread.

Final Thoughts

Defend your boat from decaying mold and mildew by following our surefire tips! But if, unfortunately, the issue does arise, act fast to salvage your boat’s condition.

Supply yourself with our proactive methods to combat the dreaded mildew and mold that can sink a ship.

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