The Best Ways to Prevent Boat Theft

Unfortunately for all of us, we don’t live in a perfect world. No matter what you have, there is always going to be someone willing to steal it. Boats are no exception to this rule. Over the past decade, boat theft has become a real problem, with over 4,000 boats being stolen in 2019, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Boats are not the only thing in danger of being stolen. In fact, many thieves will steal important electronics and other valuables and leave the boat in place. This article will give you some helpful tips to help prevent your boat and other items from being stolen. We will also show you how Boating World can give you the education you need to keep your boat safe.

How to Keep Everything on Your Boat and Your Boat Safe from Theft

It is important to know that when you secure the items on your boat, you also reduce the risk of your boat being stolen as well. Here are some things you can do to keep your boat and the items safe on your boat.

Locks Can be Your Best Friend

One of the best and easiest ways to ensure you avoid boat theft is to purchase yourself a handful of sturdy and strong locks. We recommend that you lock your engine to your boat and put a lock on every door. Also, if your boat is on a trailer, we recommend you lock and chain your wheels.

Never Leave Your Keys on Board

It is common for many boaters to store their keys on board using something like a cockpit locker. However, it is important to note that this method of hiding your keys on your boat is anything but secure. Most thieves are savvy, and know where to look for these lockers, and have the skills to break into them. Instead, we recommend always keeping your boat keys with you to minimize the risk of boat theft.

How Getting a Security System can Help Prevent Boat Theft

Security systems are not just exclusively for homes and cars. In fact, purchasing and hooking up a security system for your boat is one of the most cost-effective ways to prevent boat theft. We also recommend that you set up cameras around your boat to help alert you and capture the person who is attempting the theft.

Utilizing Sources that Care about Boat Theft

Boat theft is something that needs to be taken seriously. Here at Boating World, we understand just how serious boat theft is, which is why we strive to give you the best advice and resources to help you avoid boat theft. If you are interested in learning more about boat theft or other ways we can help you, we encourage you to visit us today.

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