The Top Three Boat Storage Solutions for Your Next Outing

Whether you are going out on the water to fish or just spend a relaxing afternoon with family and friends, storage can play a crucial role. The right boat storage solution can keep everything you need organized and, most importantly, dry. The right boat storage solution also doesn’t need to break the bank. This article will show you some handy and affordable boat storage solutions you can use before you hit the water.

Water Resistant/Proof Storage Bags

We think you can’t have a list of the best storage solutions without talking about water-resistant/proof storage bags. These handy bags can keep your most important items dry and secure in the event of inclement weather or falling into the water. Many waterproof bags also resist mildew and rot. If you are looking for a handy boat storage solution with pockets to keep you organized and your items safe, look no further than a water-resistant/proof storage bag.

Waterproof storage bags can cost around $20 on the low end and several hundred dollars on the high end.

Door Hangers for a More Compact Boat Storage Solution

If you don’t have a lot of room on your boat but still want the ability to organize and store things, then a door hanger neatly is your perfect solution. You can simply hook a door hanger to the top of any door on your boat. This solution works for all different types of boats including the console door into most center console boats. Most boat hangers come with a variety of pockets varying in size. If you are worried about a door hanger being an eye soar, don’t worry; you can find many door hangers in various colors and materials to match your own look.

Door hangers are one of the most cost-effective boat storage solutions, with an average price of $15.

A Helm Organizer Let’s You Focus More on the Water and Less on Finding Things

A boat is the perfect place to relax and have fun with either just yourself or with friends and loved ones. However, caution and concentration are vital when it comes to being at the helm of your boat. When steering your boat, you don’t have time to rummage around trying to find something. This is where a helm organizer comes into play. A helm organizer is the perfect boat storage solution because it keeps your helm organized and keeps everything you need within arms reach.

A good helm organizer will run you anywhere from $20 to $50.

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