Think You Know Everything About Sailing? Test Your Knowledge with These Facts

If you are a fan of trivia, then you will thoroughly enjoy testing your knowledge with this blog post. Sailing is one type of popular sport that many people take part in and those who do sail take it very seriously. The history of sailing is quite interesting and there are many different unique and cool facts surrounding the sport that many people do not know.

Below, we will discuss some awesome facts about sailing, and we think it would be fun for you to test your knowledge of the subject. We can say that even we did not know everything there is to about the sport.

1. Did you know that sailboats reach a top speed of 9 knots, which is equivalent to 10 miles per hour?

Sailboats are very efficient and while they are not as fast as speedboats by any means, they can reach top speeds of about 9 knots or 10 miles per hour. The average sailboat will easily cruise along the open water anywhere from 4 to 6 knots or 4 to 7 miles per hour.

2. Did you know that sailboats allow you to access areas that tourists cannot get to?

There are so many different islands, inlets, and places that are located outside the realm of what tourists can reach. Having a sailboat allows you to access these areas easily and you will find there are many hidden gems out there.

3. Did you know that even a 100-foot sailboat can be operated by a single boater?

It is possible to operate a 100-foot sailboat by yourself, especially if you know what you are doing. Many people think you need multiple people on board to operate it, but you don’t. While a 100-footer is not out of the realm for an individual, most sailboaters enjoy staying somewhere around 35 feet or less.

4. Did you know that the term “feeling blue” was coined in the sailing industry?

You have likely heard people say that they are feeling blue, and this term is actually based on sailors flying blue flags on the ship when they lost their captain during a sailing voyage. The blue flags were a symbol that the crew was in mourning.

5. Did you know that sailing is in the Olympic games?

Sailing has been an Olympic sport game since 1896. There was only one year that it was not and that was the Olympic summer games in 1904.

Extra points: Which country holds the most Olympic medals for sailing? If you guessed Great Britain, you are correct.

6. Did you know that sailboats that are sailed in salty water require more maintenance?

The saltier the water you sail in, the more maintenance you will need to do to upkeep your sailboat. Most seas are salty with a salinity rating of about 3.5%. The Mediterranean Sea is 3.8% salinity with the Northern Pacific Ocean coming in at 3.3% and the Southern Ocean at 3.4%.

7. Did you know it is more difficult to sail around the world in a westward direction?

Many individuals who sail their sailboats tend to go eastward because it is easier to sail in that direction than it is westward. The reason for this is because the eastward winds and currents are more predictable.

8. Did you know the ideal wind speed for sailing lies somewhere between 8 to 12 knots?

There are different wind speeds that are ideal for different types of boaters. For example, beginners with a sailboat will do best in winds that are somewhere between 5 to 8 knots. Other, more experienced sailboaters will do best in winds that are somewhere between 8 to 12 knots.

Wind speeds under 5 knots are usually too slow.

9. Did you know the smallest boat to sail around the world was just 21 feet?

The sailboat was pretty small and just 21 feet long. It took the gentleman about 268 days and 19 hours to completely go around the world.

How Did You Do?

Did you know most of these sailing facts?

Some of them are pretty impressive, huh? Sailing is such a fun sport and there are many other cool and interesting facts out there. Spend some time looking around to learn more, as we hope we have piqued your interest.

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