Top Recreational Boating Trends of 2023 – Are You Keeping Up?

The recreational boating industry is always changing, and it can be hard to keep up with if you do get behind. As a recreational boater, it is important to keep your eye on the news so that you do not fall too far behind, and you can adapt to new technology and changes that arise.

Below, we will discuss some of the top and upcoming recreational boating trends of 2023. You definitely want to prepare yourself for these.

Trend: Connected Boats

Connected boats are going to be one of the biggest trends in 2023 when it comes to recreational boating. Boats are becoming more and more connected with different features that allow you to communicate with other devices such as your phone.

One type of connected device that has been recently added to the boating lineup is smart gauges. These gauges work to provide boaters with real-time information about the boat’s fuel consumption and performance. Your gauges can be accessed from any location utilizing an app on your smartphone.

Trend: Electric Boats

As the electric car industry continues to ramp up, electric boats are becoming a thing and have gained a lot of momentum. Electric boats are not new to the industry, but they have not been heavily relied on as an option for consumers.

With the many different advances in technology, batteries, and motors, having a fully functional electric boat is possible. Electric boats have many benefits including no emissions, they are quieter, and they do not need as much maintenance as traditional boats.

You can expect to see electric boats hit the sales floor in 2023 along with several manufacturers offering them for sale.

Trend: Sustainable Boating

The environment and its health have always been on the radar and as we continue to progress, the climate and environment get more attention. Sustainable boating practices are among some of the top trends for recreational boating in 2023 and you can expect them to become commonplace.

Some of the sustainable trends that you can expect to see include:

  • Reducing the carbon footprint
  • Using eco-friendly materials
  • Adopting responsible boating habits
  • Using energy-efficient propeller systems
  • Using alternative fuels

In addition to sustainable boating practices, we can expect to see marinas jumping on board with this too. For example, marinas could install solar panels, electric charging devices, and recycling bins to help promote sustainability.

Trend: Multifunctional Boats

Traditionally, when you think of a boat, you think of it in terms of what it does. For example, a speed boat or a sailboat. You may think of it as a boat for water sports or a boat for fishing.

In 2023, you can expect boats to become multifunctional in that they are used for a multitude of different activities as opposed to being reserved for one use. This means that your traditional cruising boat may also have the ability to tow a watercraft behind it and it can go on a deep fishing trip.

Hybrid boats have made the multifunctional boat come to life. These hybrid boats combine multiple facets of different boats into one so that you can enjoy multiple functions on it. For instance, you may have a boat that has a hull designed for fishing but also includes a swim platform.

In addition, many hybrid boats allow for multiple uses of the on-deck options too. For instance, a hybrid boat may have a bench that can be removed and replaced with a deck utilized for sunbathing.

Which Recreational Boating Trend Has You Most Excited?

There are a multitude of different boating trends on the rise in 2023 and you are sure to hear more about them and start seeing them in practice. Whether you are ready to purchase a new boat or you simply want to make changes to your boating practices, you can definitely jump aboard any of the upcoming changes that are planned for the boating industry in 2023.

From connected boats to fully electric options and new sustainable boating practices, the world, environment, and water will be a much better place for everyone and every living thing alike.

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