Minimizing Noise for Successful Fishing: 10 Tips for Stealthy Angling

Many anglers are aware that loud noises and vibrations can scare fish and turn off their action like flipping a light switch. To fill the fish box, anglers must minimize the noise they make, whether they are casting for crappie in a lake or trolling for tuna in the ocean. Here are 10 guaranteed tips for stealthy fishing:

  1. Communicate with your crew before you leave the dock about watching the volume level. Make sure everyone knows to minimize the noise.
  2. Avoid shifting, as it creates a metal-on-metal “thunk” that can be heard above and below the water. Savvy captains plan their drift carefully until they’re well away from the fish.
  3. Slow down to reduce the noise created by propeller-driven propulsion, including electric motors. To boost catch rate, simply slow down.
  4. Ensure the boat doesn’t leak electricity by attaching a voltmeter to the negative terminal of the battery, with the other lead attached to a bare wire that’s five or six feet down into the water, to give it a test.
  5. Eliminate chine slap on boats with hard chines by taking a foam pool noodle up to the bow and sliding it under the chine. Its natural buoyancy will usually hold it in place between the hull and chine.
  6. Lower the volume level of a boat by adding a layer of cushioning foam to the deck.
  7. Avoid using lures that are too loud, like those with rattles, in very still, calm water. Same goes for poppers and chuggers. Casting a large or heavy lure that makes a big splashdown can have the same effect.
  8. Mask abrupt sounds with those that are non-threatening, like playing music at a reasonable volume.
  9. Remain calm and bite your lip when a fish takes a swing and a miss, and you’re much more likely to get a follow-up bite.
  10. Put small rubber bumpers or peel-and-stick rubber gaskets on the surfaces where a hatch or lid mates with the gutter or rim to dampen the sound of harsh fiberglass-on-fiberglass noises.
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