Nautique Receives Top Honor from United Safety Council

ORLANDO, FL (MARCH 26, 2019) – Nautique has been recognized by the United Safety Council this week as a Gold Status winner of the 2018 Corporate Safety Achievement Award. As the highest designation for the United Safety Council in the State of Florida, the Nautique team was extremely proud to take home this achievement. The team at Nautique has been fully committed to integrating safe strategies into the manufacturing process, and those efforts have come to fruition with achievements like this one that award companies based on their overall level of safety in the past year.

In addition to the Corporate Safety Award, Nautique’s very own Anna Fullen was recognized for her Safety Leadership and awarded a scholarship as well. At Nautique, safety is rewarded company-wide and encouraged every single day. Maintaining the proper safety standards throughout the factory and educating employees are at the core of Nautique’s culture. Nautique has curated a passion for safety within its employees and aims to make certain their health and well-being are a high priority.

“I am thrilled for our company to be awarded Gold Status at the Corporate Safety Awards,” stated Nautique president Greg Meloon. “I’d like to thank the United Safety Council for this incredible honor, and I’d like to congratulate our entire team here for a job well done and for continuing to make Nautique a happy and healthy place to work.”

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