Orlando Watersports Complex Helps Disabled Kids Get on the Water

ORLANDO, Fla. (Sept. 10, 2019) – This weekend, Orlando Watersports Complex hosted Above The Wake, a local nonprofit that helps disabled kids get on the water.

Orlando Watersports Complex staff taught 25 kids with varying degrees of autism how to wakeboard, kneeboard, or ride on top of the water. It was an event where people experienced new joys and activities on the water that they have never experienced before.

Above The Wake’s mission is to create positive experiences on the water for children with autism and cognitive delays, breaking down stigmas and unleashing potential for greatness through individual teachable moments and inclusion.

Tom Hart, executive director of Above the Wake, said, “We are very thankful that we have been able to partner with Orlando Watersports Complex to further our mission. Events like this wouldn’t be possible without community partners like OWC and the Gator Week community for volunteering. We also had the Vargas family supply lunch for the day, which is a pretty tall order when you look at the amount of people that were at the event. We are grateful for the support that Central Florida has provided us in the last five years.”

Kellan Rudnicki, director of operations for Aktion Parks, said, “We are proud that OWC has been the host of numerous events such as this, that reach out to communities that can be typically excluded from certain activities. We always get excited to help kids learn how to ride on the water for the first time. Thanks to a great team of staff and volunteers we were able to share the joy of watersports and spread our values of Making Life Better.”

Bill Yeargin, president and CEO of Correct Craft, said, “Part of our culture of ‘Making Life Better’ is serving and improving the lives of those we can help. Hosting the kids with Above The Wake was an absolute joy for our OWC team. We know their positive water experience created lasting smiles.”

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