How is a Tohatsu outboard greased?

Maintaining your Tohatsu outboard is essential for efficient and prolonged use. One of the essential components of your outboard that requires routine maintenance is the grease. Greasing your Tohatsu outboard helps to minimize friction between moving parts within the engine, generating less heat and extending the life of the engine.

To grease your Tohatsu outboard, you will require a few tools and materials. You will need a brush, a grease gun, and the appropriate marine grade grease.

Here is a quick guide on how to grease your Tohatsu outboard:

1. Locate the grease fittings: Your Tohatsu outboard’s important components like the throttle pivot, engine tilt tube, and steering pivot have grease fittings. Find the grease fittings on your outboard engine.

2. Check the grease level: Before applying grease, check the grease level by pressing the nozzle of the grease gun onto the grease fitting. If grease doesn’t come out, its time to add more grease.

3. Prepare the grease: Unscrew the head of the grease gun and attach it to the marine-grade grease. Press the head back in place and twist the handle until the grease fills the grease gun.

4. Apply grease: Hold the grease gun firmly, position it on top of the grease fitting, and press the nozzle into the hole. Once attached, pump the grease into the fitting steadily. When you notice the grease oozing out from the sides of the fitting, that’s an indication that it is fully greased.

5. Check for leaks: Attempt to detect any grease leaks from tubes or other mechanical parts that could cause a mess or environmental damage to waterways. Inspect your outboard routine for inconsistencies or signs of wear and tear.

When you have greased every fitting, remove the gun, wipe the grease off the fittings, the caps and your engine, and dispose of the grease gun properly.

Regularly greasing your Tohatsu outboard engine is vital for optimal performance, improved fuel efficiency, and maximizing the lifespan of your engine. Investing in routine maintenance like greasing helps reduce unnecessary costs due to broken parts or repairs needed. With the correct tools, materials, and procedure in place, greasing your engine can easily and quickly become part of your standard maintenance routine.

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