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How many calories does stand-up paddleboarding burn?

As the weather warms up and the sun shines brighter, more people are getting outside and enjoying various water activities, including stand-up paddleboarding. This activity has become increasingly popular over the last few years due to its versatility and the health benefits it provides. It’s an excellent way to stay active for people of all ages, but one question that stands out is, “?”

The number of calories burned while paddleboarding varies due to factors like age, weight, and the intensity of the activity. However, on average, paddleboarding can burn between 300-500 calories per hour, which is similar to jogging or cycling. This means that if you spend an hour or two on a paddleboard, you’re likely to burn up to 1000 calories, depending on your body weight and the intensity of the workout.

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When it comes to burning calories, stand-up paddleboarding is an excellent full-body workout that targets almost every muscle group in your body. To balance and propel yourself forward, you engage your core muscles, back, shoulders, and arms. Your legs are also working hard to maintain balance on the board while paddling. This total-body workout is an effective way to tone your entire body and improve your overall fitness level.

Stand-up paddleboarding also has additional health benefits besides burning calories. It’s a low-impact activity, which means that it places minimal strain on your joints and is an excellent option for people with injuries or arthritis. It’s also a great way to reduce stress levels, as being on the water can be calming and relaxing. Plus, you’ll get plenty of Vitamin D from the sun, which is beneficial for your skin and overall health.

Stand-up paddleboarding is an excellent way to burn calories and improve your physical fitness. It’s versatile, low-impact, and can be as intense or as relaxing as you want it to be. Plus, you can enjoy this activity on a lake, river, or even the ocean. If you’re looking for a fun and effective way to get in shape, consider giving stand-up paddleboarding a try.

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