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How many rescues does the Coast Guard make annually?

The United States Coast Guard is responsible for protecting the nation’s waterways and responding to emergencies at sea. Boating accidents and other maritime incidents happen all too often and can quickly turn deadly. The Coast Guard’s search and rescue operations play a critical role in keeping people safe on the water.


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According to the Coast Guard, in 2019, they conducted 22,221 search and rescue missions, helping over 10,000 people in distress. This averages out to about 61 rescues per day. These missions included everything from medical emergencies to boat fires and capsized vessels.

The Coast Guard’s search and rescue operations are not limited to just boating incidents. They also respond to emergencies involving commercial vessels, airplanes, and even stranded hikers along the coast.

One significant factor in the number of rescues the Coast Guard conducts is the weather. High winds, rough seas, and storms can make boating conditions hazardous and increase the likelihood of accidents. The summer months, when more people are out on the water, also tend to see an uptick in rescue calls.

While the work of the Coast Guard is essential in saving lives, they must also deal with false alarms and hoaxes. In 2019, the Coast Guard received 18,461 hoax distress calls. These calls not only waste valuable resources, but they also put Coast Guard personnel in danger and divert them from actual emergency situations.

The Coast Guard’s search and rescue efforts are made possible by their well-trained personnel and advanced technology. Through their vast network of rescue coordination centers, air stations, and rescue boats, they have the capability to quickly respond to emergencies and provide critical aid to those in need.

The Coast Guard plays a vital role in keeping people safe on the water. With an average of 61 rescues per day and over 10,000 people helped in 2019 alone, their dedication to search and rescue operations is a testament to their commitment to maritime safety.

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