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    How to adjust the trim tab on an outboard motor?

    As an avid boater, one of the most important things you need to know is how to properly adjust the trim tab on your outboard motor. The trim tab is a small, adjustable flap located at the edge of the motor lower unit. It’s designed to help you maintain control of your boat’s speed and direction.

    While many newer boats come with automatic trim tabs, on older boats they were often installed as an after-market accessory.

    Here are the simple steps to adjust your trim tab:

    1. Start your boat motor and start moving away from the dock.

    2. Put the boat into a stable and steady speed.

    3. Next, slowly begin moving the trim tab. Which way to move the trim tab depends on whether the boat feels like it is listing to either the left or the right.

    4. If the boat leans to the left, move the trim tab downward on the port side by rotating the adjusting cylinder in a counterclockwise direction, or upward on the starboard side by rotating the adjusting cylinder clockwise. Move the trim tab slowly and watch how the boat responds.

    5. If the boat leans to the right, move the trim tab the opposite direction.

    6. Pay attention to how the boat reacts to the changes in the trim tab. If the boat’s bow starts to rise too high, reduce the angle of the tab. If the boat struggles to plane, you may need to raise the angle of the tab.

    7. Once you have the correct trim tab angle, tighten the adjusting cylinder in place with a wrench.

    It is important to keep in mind that wind, wave conditions, and the position of passengers on the boat can all affect the proper trim tab angle. Therefore, it’s essential to recheck the trim every time you take your boat out.

    Adjusting the trim tab is an essential part of boating. With these simple steps and some practice, you will be able to adjust your trim tab with ease and navigate your boat like a pro. Always remembering to check and recheck the trim for the safest and smoothest ride on the water.

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