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How to fix a drowned boat motor?

Boating is an exciting and fulfilling activity that many people enjoy. However, just like any other mechanical device, boat motors can experience problems, including drowning. If your boat motor has drowned, there are specific steps you can take to fix it.

Step 1: Remove the motor from the boat

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The first thing to do when you have a drowned boat motor is to remove it from the boat. This will allow you to inspect it properly, drain the water that may have entered the engine, and carry out the necessary repairs.

Step 2: Drain the water

Once the motor is out of the water, the next step is to drain any water that may have entered the engine. This is because water can cause extensive damage to the motor, especially if left unattended for an extended period. To drain the water, remove the spark plugs and turn the motor over to allow excess water to flow out.

Step 3: Inspect the motor

After draining the water, inspect the motor for any visible damage. Look out for corroded parts, rust, or anything else that may indicate damage caused by water. Make sure to inspect both the exterior and interior parts of the motor.

Step 4: Clean the motor

After inspecting the motor, clean it thoroughly. Use a degreaser to remove any oil, dirt, or debris that may have accumulated in the engine. Make sure to clean all parts of the motor, including the fuel filter, carburetor, and fuel pump.

Step 5: Replace damaged parts

If during the inspection you found any damaged parts, replace them with new ones. Some of the parts that are most susceptible to damage include spark plugs, bearings, and gaskets. Replacing faulty parts is essential to ensure the motor functions as expected.

Step 6: Reassemble the motor

Once you have replaced any faulty parts, it’s time to reassemble the motor. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reassemble the motor properly.

Step 7: Test the motor

After reassembling the motor, test it to ensure it’s working correctly. Start the motor and let it run for a few minutes. Listen carefully for any unusual sounds, and if you notice any, turn off the motor and investigate to identify the source of the problem.

Fixing a drowned boat motor may seem like a daunting task, but following the steps above can help you get your motor running again. It’s essential to take your time, remain focused, and make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid causing further damage to the motor.

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