How to tie a double fishing line?

When it comes to fishing, one key skill to have is being able to properly tie a double fishing line. This knot is essential when trying to catch larger and heavier fish, as it increases the line’s strength and efficiency. Tying a double fishing line may seem challenging at first, but it only takes a little bit of practice to get it right. Here’s how you can tie a double fishing line in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Form a Loop on the End of the Line

The first step in tying a double fishing line is to form a small loop at the end of the fishing line. Hold the line with one hand and create a loop by crossing the tag end over the standing line. Make sure the loop is big enough to work with but not too large that it becomes difficult to manage.

Step 2: Tie a Simple Knot

The next step is to tie a simple knot in the looped end. Take the end of the looped line and pass it through the loop from behind. Wrap it around the standing line twice and bring it back through the loop. Be sure to pull the knot tight and maintain the loop’s size.

Step 3: Create a Second Loop

After securing the simple knot, take the tag end and create a second loop by forming a smaller one underneath the first loop. Make sure that the second loop is smaller than the first one and fits within its boundaries while keeping the same size.

Step 4: Tie Another Simple Knot

Once you’ve created the second loop, tie another simple knot around the standing line with the tag end. Wrap the tag end around the standing line twice, navigate it through the smaller loop formed earlier, and make the knot tight. The loops should be stacked on top of each other, and both knots should be completely tightened.

Step 5: Trim the Excess Line

The final step is to cut the excess tag end of the fishing line with a pair of scissors or a knife. Trim the tag end close to the knot, but ensure there’s enough remaining line to prevent the knot from slipping undone.

Tying a double fishing line may seem complicated at first, but with a little bit of practice, it will become an enjoyable and essential skill for any fisher. Following these easy-to-understand steps will help you tie a strong and durable knot that will improve your chances of catching the fish of your dreams. So, get your fishing gear ready and practice until you can tie this knot with your eyes closed. Happy fishing!

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