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    Is an ID required to obtain a fishing license in Texas?

    If you’re planning on going fishing in Texas, you may be wondering whether you need to have an ID to obtain a fishing license. The short answer is yes, you do need an ID to get a fishing license in Texas.

    The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department requires that anyone over the age of 17 who wants to fish in public waters in the state of Texas must have a valid fishing license. When you go to purchase your license, you will need to provide a valid form of identification, such as a driver’s license, state ID, or passport.

    One reason why an ID is required is to help prevent fraudulent activity. Without requiring identification, someone could potentially purchase a fishing license under someone else’s name or identity. By requiring an ID, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department can ensure that the person purchasing the license is who they say they are, and that they are the appropriate age to purchase a license.

    Another reason why an ID is required is to help law enforcement officers identify anglers who may be fishing without a license. If a person is caught fishing without a license, they may face fines and other penalties. By requiring an ID to get a fishing license, law enforcement officers can more easily identify who is legally allowed to fish in the state.

    If you’re planning on getting a fishing license in Texas, be sure to bring a valid form of identification with you when you go to purchase your license. And remember, having a valid fishing license not only allows you to legally fish in Texas, but it also helps support conservation efforts and ensures that future generations will be able to enjoy Texas’s bountiful fishing opportunities.

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