Is it possible to stay on the cruise ship at port?

? The answer may surprise some, but yes, it is indeed possible to remain onboard your luxurious floating hotel while it’s moored at a port. This option is known as a “port day stay” or “port stayover,” and it’s an excellent alternative for travellers who are looking to experience the cruise ship’s amenities without having to disembark and explore the surrounding area.

One of the main advantages of staying onboard during a port call is the ability to enjoy the ship without the crowds. Many cruisers will take the opportunity to go on shore excursions during the day, leaving those who opt to stay behind with a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere. This means that you can have more space and fewer queues at the ship’s various amenities, such as the pool and spa area, restaurants and bars, and entertainment venues.

Another benefit of staying onboard is the ability to take advantage of special deals that are only available while the ship is docked. Many cruise lines offer discounted spa treatments, exclusive onboard activities and performances, and other enticing promotions for port stayovers.

One of the most alluring aspects of staying onboard during a port call is the unique opportunity to see the surrounding landscape from a completely different perspective. Ships are typically docked in the heart of bustling ports or secluded bays, offering guests with panoramic views that are not seen from shore.

Additionally, staying on the cruise ship allows travellers to maximise their onboard experience by taking advantage of additional amenities like onboard sports courts, libraries, cooking classes, and fitness centres. It’s also an excellent chance to catch up on any sunbathing or relaxation that you may have missed during the hectic, non-stop days of the previous ports.

While staying on the cruise ship during a port call may seem like a tempting option, it’s essential to note that there are some limitations. For one, some ports may not allow visitors to remain onboard the vessel. Additionally, there will be certain times of the day when you won’t be able to use certain facilities, such as restaurants or shops, that will only be open when the ship is moving.

Overall, a port stayover has its appeal, providing an alternative experience for those who are seeking a more luxurious and serene curation of their vacation. It’s easy to see why this option has become increasingly popular among seasoned cruise travellers who are looking to slow down, recharge and enjoy all the luxury amenities up close without the hustle and bustle of exploring new cities.

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