Tuesday, June 6, 2023

    Should trailer lights be unplugged when launching a boat?

    As a boater, it is essential to ensure that your boat is properly equipped and can be launched safely. One question that arises frequently is whether or not you should unplug the trailer lights when launching. The short answer is yes.

    Why? First and foremost, it will help prevent electrical damage to the trailer or damage to the boat’s electrical system. Water can easily enter the trailer’s wiring connections and cause shorts or corrode the connections. This can lead to malfunctioning electrical components like the brake lights or turn signals, which can be a safety hazard when towing on the road.

    Furthermore, many people also argue that keeping the trailer lights plugged in can attract fish when launching in darker or murkier waters. This is because the lights can attract baitfish and predators, which in turn can attract larger predator fish like bass or pike. This might not be desirable if you are launching in an area where you don’t want to attract fish.

    It is important to note that some boat launch facilities might have requirements mandating that all trailer lights stay plugged in while launching. Before launching, always check with the marina staff or the posted regulations to ensure that you are compliant. Additionally, always remember to secure the trailer’s safety chains and ensure that the boat is properly aligned before launching.

    In summary, unplugging the trailer lights when launching a boat is an essential safety measure to prevent electrical damage and attract unwanted fish. Always check with local regulations before launching and ensure that the boat is properly secured before launching. Keeping these tips in mind will help ensure a safe and successful launch.

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