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    What are seven simple steps for making a boat trailer guide post?

    Boat trailers guide posts are a vital aspect of safe and efficient boating. They make the process of loading and unloading your boat more comfortable, quicker and they prevent damage to the boat or the trailer. If you want to make your boat trailer guide post from scratch, there are seven straightforward steps to follow, which are outlined below.

    1. Gather Materials: The first step in making a boat trailer guide post is gathering the necessary materials. You will need two 10-foot, 2×4-inch lumber, two 1 1/2-inch PVC pipes (6 foot each), box of #14 x 3-inch screws, and two metal utility clamps.

    2. Cutting the Lumber: Cut one of the 2×4-inch lumber into two 48-inch pieces using a saw. Use the remaining piece as a center support pillar.

    3. Pre-drill Holes: Position the PVC pipes 3 feet apart on the 2×4 that has been cut into two pieces, and mark the location with a pen. Pre-drill the location with a bit that’s large enough for a 3-inch screw to fit through.

    4. Attach the PVC Pipe: Using the screws, attach one end of the PVC pipe to each of the 2x4s ensuring that the PVC pipes are level with each other.

    5. Position the Support Pillar: In the center of the two 2x4s attached by the PVC pipes, place the remaining 2×4, screw it into position with the pre-drilled holes, and ensure that it is level.

    6. Install the Clamps: Attach the metal utility clamps on to the top of each PVC pipe. The clamps will hold the guide posts in place.

    7. Testing: After completing the construction of your boat trailer guide post, test them by loading your boat. Ensure they are correctly aligned and allow enough clearance for unloading.

    With these seven basic steps, you will have successfully made a guide post for your boat trailer. Having a guide post installed to your boat trailer makes maneuvering your boat much more manageable, safer, and faster. Happy boating!

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