What are the disadvantages of braided fishing line?

As more and more anglers shift their preference from monofilament to braided fishing line, it is worth noting that there are also some cons to consider. Braided fishing line may offer numerous advantages, such as exceptional strength, sensitivity, and casting distance, but it also presents some disadvantages that should not be left unaddressed.

Here are some of the setbacks one might encounter when using braided fishing lines:

1. Lack of Stretch

Unlike monofilament, braided fishing lines tend to have little to no stretch which can threaten the angler with busted lines or pulled hooks. This low stretch feature of braided lines contributes to its sensitivity, but in situations such as casting, the lack of stretch could lead to break-offs if the tension is not well-managed.

2. Line Visibility

Another disadvantage of braided fishing line is its visibility to fish when fishing in clear water. The line is thin and bright, making it easy for fish to detect. This can result in fish seeing the line, becoming spooked and avoiding the bait altogether.

3. Risk of Backlashes

When fishing with braided fishing lines, there is a greater risk of experiencing backlashes, especially when using baitcasting reels. The lack of stretch in the line means that it does not give in to sudden jolts, which can cause line tangles, and backlashes.

4. Price

One of the disadvantages of braided fishing lines is its cost. Braided fishing lines tend to be more expensive than monofilament, which might make it unsuitable for all fishing situations, especially if the angler is on a tight budget.

5. Knots and Tangles

Braided fishing lines are well known for being strong, but due to their composition, they can easily get tangled up in knots. This can lead to lost catch, wasted time spent trying to untangle the line, and frustrations.

6. Abrasion

Braided fishing line can also be prone to abrasion when rubbed against rough and sharp surfaces, such as rocks or underwater structures. This can be especially problematic in rocky environments, and it could weaken the line, causing it to break easily.

Braided fishing line has its drawbacks, though it still remains one of the preferred lines by anglers for its many advantages. The key to using braided fishing line is to understand these setbacks and work around them. This means taking the right steps to prevent backlashes, adding a fluorocarbon leader, and using the right knots to minimize line breakages. By doing so, you can maximize the benefits of braided fishing line while minimizing its potential pitfalls.

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