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What can be used as an alternative to a kayak paddle?

Kayaking is a popular outdoor activity that has been around for centuries. With a kayak paddle as the primary tool for propulsion, people are able to explore and enjoy the waters in a unique way. However, there are instances where you might not have access to a paddle or maybe you just want to try something different. In such scenarios, it’s always good to think creatively and consider alternative options.

Here are some alternative options that you could try out:

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1. Oars – For those who come from the world of rowing, oars might seem like the logical choice for a kayak. They come in different lengths and styles, with wooden oars being the most common. Oars can be used for paddling and can be gripped comfortably. They also have a blade on the bottom, which makes them an effective tool for generating propulsion in the water.

2. Canoe paddle – If you’ve ever borrowed a canoe from a friend, then you might have noticed that they usually come with a paddle that looks similar to a kayak paddle, but with a broader blade. Canoe paddles are made with a longer handle to account for the larger boat, and the wider surface area of the blade allows for more efficient paddling. As such, they can work well as an alternative kayak paddle.

3. SUP paddle – Stand up paddleboards have grown in popularity in recent years, with enthusiasts taking the sport to rivers and lakes too. The paddles used in SUP boarding may also work well as an alternative to the traditional kayak paddle. They generally have a long shaft, making them perfect for kayakers with a high seat or boat.

4. The hands – Believe it or not, your hands can also be used as an alternative to kayak paddles. This technique is used in some traditional kayaking cultures where the hands are cupped to create resistance and push the water back. The process is called ‘hand-paddling’ and may take a little getting used to, but it can be effective for short stints.

While a kayak paddle is the standard tool for kayaking, there are other options that you can use as an alternative. Trying out different equipment can make for a fresh and exciting experience in your kayaking adventure. Keep safe and happy exploring!

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