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    What is a ship’s steering wheel called?

    A ship’s steering wheel is commonly known as a helm or a ship’s wheel. The helm is an integral part of the ship’s navigation system and plays a critical role in controlling the vessel’s direction.

    The helm is typically located on the bridge or wheelhouse of the ship and is operated by the helmsman or the captain. The wheel’s size can vary according to the size of the ship, with smaller boats having smaller wheels, and larger vessels having larger ones.

    The helm consists of a circular wheel that is connected to the rudder through a system of cables and hydraulics. Turning the helm to the right or left will cause the rudder to move in the same direction, thereby changing the ship’s direction.

    In modern ships, the helm has been replaced by electronic controls, Joy-sticks, or even touchscreens. However, the traditional helm still retains its place in the hearts of sailors and remains a symbol of the seafaring tradition.

    The design of the helm has also evolved over time. In early ships, the helm was mounted on the stern, and the helmsman had to stand exposed to the elements while steering the ship. Later, ships began to have enclosed wheelhouses or bridges that provided shelter to the helmsman.

    Today, advanced technology and automation have made ship navigation much more precise and efficient. However, the helm remains an important symbol of the sailor’s profession and continues to hold a place of honor on board ships all over the world.

    A ship’s steering wheel is commonly called a helm or a ship’s wheel. It is an essential component of the ship’s navigation system, allowing the captain to control the vessel’s direction. Over the years, the design and technology of helms have evolved, but they continue to be an important symbol of the seafaring profession.

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