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What is the cost to winterize a pontoon boat?

Winterizing a pontoon boat is an integral part of any boat owner’s winter storage plan. It helps protect the engine and other vital components from the damage caused by freezing temperatures and corrosion. The process of winterizing a pontoon boat can be quite expensive, depending on various factors. In this article, we will break down the cost of winterizing a pontoon boat.

The average cost of winterizing a pontoon boat is between $200 and $500. However, this only covers the basic tasks necessary for winterizing, such as draining the fluids, removing the battery, and covering the boat. Other additional tasks can quickly increase the cost of winterizing.

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One of the most critical tasks in winterizing a pontoon boat is changing the oil. This is usually done to prevent any contaminants from causing any damage to the engine during the long winter break. The cost of the oil change varies depending on the type of engine and oil used but generally ranges from $100 to $200.

Another crucial winterizing step is stabilizing the fuel system. Fuel stabilizers help prevent damage caused by ethanol-blended gas sitting in the gas tank for an extended period. This can cost between $30 and $80, depending on the brand and quantity used.

Draining the water from the engine block is yet another essential task. Many boat owners choose to hire professionals to perform this task to avoid possible engine damage, which can cost upwards of $100.

To prevent unwanted critters from burrowing into the boat’s upholstery, it is recommended to spray insect repellent and remove the boat’s cushions and store them indoors. This task could add an additional $50 to $100 to the total winterizing cost.

If you live in a climate where the temperature drops below freezing point, one vital step is to winterize the freshwater system. This requires pumping specific solutions through the pipes to prevent any water from freezing tubes and tanks, leading to costly damages. This task could add $100 to $200 to the cost of winterizing.

Winterizing a pontoon boat is essential to maintain it in good condition and prolong its lifespan. However, the cost of winterizing a pontoon boat can vary depending on the various additional tasks required to complete the process. Planning and budgeting for winterization can help ensure the boat is stored safely and costs are kept manageable.

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