What is the proper method to enter a sit-on-top kayak from the shore?

If you are new to boating, one of the first things you need to learn is how to properly enter and exit a sit-on-top kayak from the shore. This may seem like a daunting task at first, but with a bit of practice and guidance, you’ll be able to do it with ease.

Before we jump into the proper method, let’s first take a look at the equipment you will need. You will need your sit-on-top kayak, either on the shore or in shallow water. You will also need a paddle and a personal flotation device, also known as a life jacket. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment before you begin.

Step 1: Place the Kayak Perpendicular to the Shore

The first step in entering your sit-on-top kayak is to position it perpendicular to the shore. This means that the front of the kayak (bow) should be facing the shore, and the back (stern) should be facing out to the water.

Step 2: Place the Paddle Across the Kayak

Next, take your paddle and place it across the kayak, just behind the cockpit area. This will help stabilize the kayak as you climb in.

Step 3: Sit on the Edge of the Kayak

Now it’s time to climb in! Sit on the edge of the kayak with your feet in the water. Make sure you are centered in the kayak and the paddle is holding it steady. It’s important to keep your weight equally distributed on both sides of the boat to avoid capsizing.

Step 4: Slide into the Kayak

Slowly slide into the kayak, keeping your balance as you go. Place your legs in the cockpit area and then slide your backside into the seat. As you do this, make sure to keep your weight centered and your paddle secure.

Step 5: Put on Your Life Jacket and Adjust Your Paddle

Once you are seated in the kayak, put on your life jacket and adjust it to fit snugly. You’ll also want to adjust your paddle to the proper height for your size and arm span.

Step 6: Push Off from Shore and Start Paddling

Now that you are comfortably seated in your sit-on-top kayak, it’s time to push off from the shore and start paddling! Use your paddle to steer and propel the kayak through the water.

Entering a sit-on-top kayak from the shore isn’t complicated once you know the proper method. Remember to keep your weight centered, your paddle secure, and take your time as you climb in. With practice, you’ll be able to enter your kayak with ease every time!

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