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What is the proper way to secure a paddle to a kayak to prevent it from detaching?

As any seasoned kayaker would know, having a paddle that is secure and won’t detach is essential while out on the water. The last thing you’d want is to lose your paddle, especially if you’re in the middle of a body of water. Fortunately, securing your paddle to your kayak is a fairly easy process, and here are some methods you can use to ensure that your paddle stays in place.

Method #1 – Use a Paddle Leash

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A paddle leash is a long cord that is attached to the paddle via a loop or carabiner, and the other end of the leash is attached to your kayak. This method is highly effective as it provides two points of attachment to keep your paddle securely tethered to your kayak. Paddle leashes come in different lengths, so choose one that is long enough to allow for full paddling motion but not too long that it gets tangled with other gear. You can attach the leash to your kayak by looping it around a secure fixed point or using a carabiner to attach it to a bungee cord or deck rigging.

Method #2 – Use a Paddle Holder

Most kayaks have a built-in paddle holder, which is a small clip or bungee cord that is attached to the kayak’s side. This method is easy and quick to use, but it’s not as secure as a paddle leash. To secure your paddle onto a holder, slide the blade of the paddle between the clip or bungee cord, and then secure the shaft by clipping it onto the cord. The paddle holder is convenient as you can easily access your paddle whenever you need it.

Method #3 – Use a Velcro Strap

Using a Velcro strap is an effective way to secure your paddle to your kayak, and it’s also easy to use. The strap is tightly wrapped around the paddle’s shaft and the kayak’s deck rigging. Make sure to wrap the strap tightly to prevent it from coming loose. Velcro straps also have the advantage of being easily adjustable to accommodate different paddle sizes.

Whichever method you choose, it’s important to check that your paddle is securely attached before heading out onto the water. It’s advisable to do a visual inspection of your paddle’s attachment periodically during the kayak trip. Remember, secure paddle attachment is vital for your safety and enjoyment while kayaking.

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