What Should You Do With Your Boat When A Hurricane Is Coming?

As a boat owner, you know that your vessel is an investment that needs to be protected. When a hurricane is coming, it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure your boat’s safety. Here are some tips on what you should do with your boat when a hurricane is coming.

Move Your Boat

If possible, move your boat out of the path of the storm. This could mean taking it to a safe harbor or marina, or even hauling it out of the water and storing it in a secure location. Make sure you check with local authorities for any restrictions on moving boats during a hurricane.

Secure Your Boat

If you can’t move your boat, make sure it’s securely tied down and anchored in place. Use extra lines and anchors if necessary to ensure that your boat won’t drift away during the storm. Make sure all hatches and ports are closed and sealed tightly as well.

Prepare for High Winds

High winds can cause serious damage to boats, so make sure you take steps to protect yours from wind-related damage. Remove any loose items from the deck and stow them away safely below deck or ashore if possible. You should also check all lines and rigging for wear and tear before the storm hits, as these can easily be damaged by high winds.

Prepare for Flooding

If flooding is expected in your area, make sure you take steps to protect your boat from water damage as well. Consider raising the hull of your boat above expected flood levels if possible, or using bilge pumps to keep water levels low inside the vessel if necessary. You should also consider removing any electronics or other sensitive items from below deck before the storm hits in case they get damaged by flooding waters.

Have an Emergency Plan

It’s important to have an emergency plan in place before a hurricane hits so that you know what steps to take if something goes wrong during the storm. Make sure you have contact information for local authorities and marinas handy so that you can get help quickly if needed during an emergency situation involving your boat during a hurricane event.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your boat stays safe during a hurricane event and minimize any potential damage caused by high winds or flooding waters associated with these storms.

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